PML-N suggests judicial commission’s formation through consensus in Parliament


The ruling party has proposed that a judicial commission to investigate allegations of massive riggings in the general elections should be constituted through an act of Parliament after consensus with other political parties in both Houses and not by an ordinance. The party has refused to accept Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI’s) demand for the prime minister’s resignation.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N)’s written response to PTI’s proposals to resolve the current political impasse stated that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has already proposed that the commission should comprise three judges of the Supreme Court, who would be nominated by the chief justice of Pakistan.

The judicial commission will reportedly have all powers of a Civil and Criminal Court. The response says that issues before the commission are very serious, important and complicated and evidence of witnesses in respect of such issues should be properly recorded and examined.

The judicial commission may be required to submit its report in thirty days or within such time as it may determine. The report shall be a public document and all its findings shall be binding and enforceable.

PML-N has also agreed in principal to the constitution of a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) as proposed by PTI besides agreeing in principal to the proposals regarding the balanced composition of the JIT and that the head of the JIT may be appointed after consultation with all concerned.

PML-N has also agreed, without casting any aspersions on the present heads, that non-partisan professionals shall be appointed as heads of National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and Election Commission of Pakistan secretary after consultation with all concerned.

Citing several reasons and arguments, PML-N’s response states that the proposed “test” for determining the occurrence of “rigging” is unacceptable.

The response states that if the final report of the judicial commission confirms rigging allegations then the National Assembly would be dissolved and a caretaker cabinet will be appointed in accordance with the Constitution and in consultation with the all concerned, including PTI.

The report states that members of ECP can only be removed in the manner prescribed in Article 209 of the Constitution.

PML-N has pointed out that Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reforms has been given three months to complete its work and the committee may be asked to expedite its work.

PML-N has also agreed to the suggestion that a sub-committee of experts may be constituted to assist the parliamentary committee in preparation of drafts.


PML-N has once again categorically stated that the question of the Prime Minister’s resignation does not arise.

The ruling party has out-rightly disregarded the arguments of PTI in this regard terming them against the Constitution, law, facts and morals.

The response states that this demand “unfortunately” casts doubts on the independence of the SC judges who will be members of the judicial commission.

The party’s response says there is no need for establishing a Supreme Monitoring Council as the judicial commission would be fully empowered to pass necessary directions regarding all issues relating to determination of its Terms of Reference.

Regarding proposals for Code of Conduct during the interim period, PML-N has opined that the code may formulated after consultation with all political parties and implemented immediately.

The response adds that all agreed terms shall be interpreted in a manner consistent with the Constitution and the law.


  1. Due to shortsightedness and narrow-mind PMLN is using delaying tactics to linger on the deadlock. It is in the interest of all to wind up the conflict and move forward. The delay is exposing MNS party's internal mingling and will ultimately help PPP to grind her own ax.It is true that Nawz sharif & showbaz sharif were neither investigated nor ever convicted in any criminal case in our history.They can purchase anyone anytime at any cost. So both should resign and replaced with neutral persons to monitor agreement.

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