Turkmenistan ready to offer electricity to Pakistan: Meredov


Vice-Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan Rashid Meredov Friday said that his country was ready to provide electricity to Pakistan as Turkmenistan was rich in electricity generation by gas thermal plants.

Meredov stated this during a meeting with Federal Minister for Water and Power Khawja Asif in Islamabad.

It was also decided that joint working group would hold meeting in this regard in October to prepare feasibility of projects.

Federal Minister for Water and Power Khawja Muhammad Asif said that energy is life line for this region and cooperation in energy sector would strengthen geopolitical relations of both the countries.

He also said that they had brotherly ties and common heritage. He also welcomed the extended support of Turkmenistan and expressed determination that Pakistan would pursue energy-related projects on fast track.

The minister also informed that the proposal presented by Turkmenistan was doable and dedicated transmission line could be installed to meet the energy needs of the country.



  1. how many years & how much millions of dollars are you going to spent on infrastructure! pakistani english elits accounts are in foreign countries! dont mislead peoples! Afghanistan january 1st 2015 with Islamic Talibans on power you need authorisation! agreement or Via Islamic Republic Of Iran the only 2-ways! where are you living?

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