reveals automobile industry trends


Since the influx of imported cars in Pakistan, the brand perception of Pakistani car owners is changing. The interesting thing here is that people are now moving towards upper bracket to purchase a high quality car with comfort and preferably additional gadgets, no matter the unit is local or imported.

The survey provides an in-depth market research on the automobile industry in Pakistan. It has derived valuable information for stakeholders of the industry and consumers alike. And with over 10,000 respondents from all over Pakistan, the survey covers people from all walks of life. Data has been gathered from people belonging to all ages, income levels, and industry sectors. The survey even had responses from people who don’t own cars to get a good idea of the market from a third person’s perspective.




The data released by, an online automobile website tells that 18.41% of car owners own a unit in between Rs1 to Rs1.5 million, the highest percentage they get out of their survey conducted to mark the automobile trends for the year 2013. The data reveals that 15.94% of car owners owns a car below Rs 0.5 million.




The survey portrays some trends which seldom have due importance for four wheel drivers like the tracking systems, insurance covers, driving license holders etc. The survey also shows the increasing awareness of brand perception, drive quality, fuel efficiency and much more among the four wheel community.

86.13% respondents claim that Toyota is the number one brand. Honda stands at second with 83.38% and Suzuki at third with 69.12%, and so on. However in case of car owner ship, 33.43% own Suzuki, 28.35% Toyota and 24.65% Honda brand followed by other brands which have much lower share in the survey.




In case of car features compatibility and uniqueness, Honda tops as 78.38% respondents claiming the carmaker has unique and different features if compared with other brands, but at the same time 67.92% respondents claim that this brand costs more than they expect to pay for the vehicle, again the highest percentage.




Toyota is second with 60.22% people claims for its unique features, again with 57.33% asserted high cost phenomenon then their expectations. Suzuki is at third place with 29.82% respondent claims of some uniqueness along with 42.04% claiming the brands cost more than they expect to pay.

Matching the brand with the life styles of the people, Honda once again leads the other brands with a percentage of 79.42%, followed by Toyota and Suzuki with 72.59% and 39.73% respectively.

The data said that out of total respondents the share of car owners who purchased a second hand car is at 55.12%. This is also due to the affordability factor and the low percentage of car financing by commercial banks.




As of today majority of people prefer cash payment rather than bank leasing and other source of payments. The data said that 72.2% people purchased their vehicles by paying full cash whereas only 10.05% people avail the facility of auto finance or car leasing.

The survey reveals some other facts which are quite appalling like 74.95% cars are moving on country roads without any insurance cover, and 77.66% car owners are least bothered about the tracking system to be installed for security measures in case of any theft. The percentage of driving license holders is somehow encouraging with 72.17% drivers possess a valid driving license.



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