SC moved for bringing Haqqani back!


A miscellaneous petition has been filed in Supreme Court (SC)’s Lahore Registry for bringing back former Pakistan’s ambassador to US Hussain Haqqani to Pakistan.

The petition was filed by Zafar Ullah of Watan Party Thursday. The petitioner has taken plea that Memo Gate Scandal led to defamation for the country in the world and allegations were levied against Pakistan Army.

It was said in the petition that Haqqani who played major role in this scandal went abroad after giving affidavit in SC to the effect that he will return to Pakistan and he has not returned even after lapse of two years. He prayed the court to declare Haqqani proclaimed offender besides issuing orders for bringing back him to Pakistan through Interpol.

The petitioner prayed the court to conduct early hearing of this case of national importance and issue orders in the light of facts.


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    We in the West respect people like Prof Haqqani (not commander Haqqani) …
    We recognize that Watan Party and the like are the faces of Pakistan …

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