Marry me or you die!


*Man kills woman for rejecting marriage proposal


A security guard in Lahore shot dead a mother of two, when she spurned his marriage proposal on Wednesday.

Zeeshan, 25, a security guard by profession, was doting on Asma, resident of the same locality of Awam Town Sabzazar.

Asma had divorced her husband over personal grounds some months ago. She had two children. Zeeshan expressed his wish to marry Asma, but she refused his proposal.

The man got enraged and shot dead Asma at her home. Mother of the deceased was also injured in the firing incident.

Police arrested the man and recovered two pistols from his possession. Hospital sources said the condition of the deceased’s mother was declared critical.


  1. It was the so sorrowful happening in our neighbor at 28-05-14 at 8:45 a.m and we recommend to hang till death of murdered who did wrong with a woman.

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