Sanitary workers charging extra money from residents


Capital Development Authority (CDA) sanitary workers are charging extra money from the residents of various sectors of federal capital for collecting garbage.

The residents expressed concern on the matter and demanded of the authority to take action against those sanitary workers involved in such practice.

The employees associated with cleaning activities had set monthly charges and also demand extra money on the occasions of different celebrations like Melad un Nabi, Independence Day etc, they added.

Usman Zia, a resident of I-10/1 said, that sanitary workers demand money ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 200 every month for collecting garbage at his residence. He said that workers refuse to collect garbage if residents do not pay extra money to them, which irks the residents of the sector. There was also shortage of garbage boxes in the sector, he added.

A sanitary worker said that people themselves offer money to them for expressing sympathy with them as they had low income. He said that many contractors pay less salary to sanitary workers, which compel them to demand money from the residents.

When contacted, CDA Director General Sanitary Malik Nadeem said that the authority had awarded cleaning contracts in only six sectors including G-6, G-7, G-8, G-9 and I-10 while CDA was cleaning the rest of the sectors.

To a question regarding extra charging of money by sanitary workers, he said that some people offer them money to get their home clean by them. He, however, said that the authority would investigate the matter on the complaint of residents and would take action against sanitary staff involve in collecting extra money from the residents.