Detained FBI agent walks on bail


A court in Karachi on Thursday granted bail to a US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent arrested for trying to board a domestic civilian flight with bullets and knives in his luggage.

Joel Cox, confirmed by the US State Department as an FBI agent, was arrested at the airport in Karachi after trying to board a flight with three knives and 15 9mm bullets in his luggage, police officials said. Cox was granted bail on payment of Rs 1,000,000 as surety. The US citizen was also ordered to appear in court for further hearing.

According to sources, police had been facing severe pressure over the arrest of the US agent and authorities had ordered the police to take immediate measures for the security agent’s release.

Cox had appeared in court on Tuesday on charges of carrying unauthorised ammunition on a civilian flight and was remanded in custody. His equipment, including a laptop, has been sent to a forensic laboratory for testing.

A State Department spokeswoman said Washington was working closely with Pakistan to resolve Cox’s arrest.


Meanwhile, the FIA has completed its enquiry over the matter. During investigation, the FIA retrieved key information about Karachi from Cox’s laptop. According to officials, the information was important but was not of sensitive nature. The information was also transferred from his laptop, the officials added.