MS among 6 doctors suspended for negligence


Medical Superintendent of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and five other doctors were suspended on Thursday for negligence which led to the death of a patient.

According to details, 35-year-old Shakil Ahmad was admitted to the hospital for treatment of appendix. He was not properly attended which led to his death. Relatives and friends of the patient strongly protested over the death, broke furniture and tortured some members of the hospital staff.

The administration taking serious notice of the incident, suspended Medical Superintendent Dr Naseem Rajput and five other doctors namely Dr Rizwan, Dr Javed, Dr Mohammad Ali, Dr Saleem Ali and Dr Ishtiaq.

A four-member inquiry committee has been formed under Dr Waqar Kazmi while Dr Najmul Haq has been entrusted the responsibilities of medical superintendent of the hospital.


  1. Government has been acting as a stepmother to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for the last 2 years and then they expect a remarkable service !

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