Mir won’t speak in ISI’s presence


Senior journalist Hamid Mir on Wednesday refused to record his statement on his assassination attempt in the presence of a representative of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) director general.

The journalist who recently survived an attack on his life maintained that only ISI knew about his travel details and he could not record his statement in the presence of the same agency’s representative.

Talking to the eight-member Joint Investigation Team (JIT) who visited him in Aga Khan Hospital, Mir revealed that he had confided in a deputy inspector general (DIG) and a commissioner for this sort of information.

The JIT included representatives of ISI, Intelligence Bureau (IB), Military Intelligence (MI), Crime Investigation Department (CID), Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the police.

Mir greeted ISI representative and told him that he had no enmity with the representative but had reservations with the mastermind of the attack on his life and other personalities within ISI. He told the ISI representative that he had no hope of justice in his presence as he suspected that the mastermind of the attack was within the agency.


  1. What a coward. Geo/Jang have double standards. If Musharraf states that he has reservation about getting justice from the very judges who were affected by his Nov 2007 actions then he is labeled a coward and now this traitor, hamid mir, is doing the same thing against ISI and he thinks that it's ok. Geo/Jang have lost all credibility.

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