National Cyber Security Council Bill (NCSC) 2014 introduced in Senate


Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed presented Pakistan’s first ever bill on cyber security, named Cyber Security Council Bill 2014, in the Senate on Monday.

The bill seeks establishment of a National Cyber Security Council and defines its functions and powers as to develop and draft policy, guidelines and governance models related to ever emerging cyber security threats, which the senator termed “one of the major non-traditional, non-military threats the country is facing” and addressed the strong need to monitor legislation and provide advice and recommendations as per international best practices.

“Given the clear and present danger of threat to Pakistan’s national security related to cyber warfare, as demonstrated by revelations of intrusion into privacy and spying by overseas intelligence networks, and given the context that cyber warfare is currently being weighed actively in the region where Pakistan is located, it is imperative that Pakistan take institutional steps to combat this threat,” Senator Mushahid expressed its objectives.

The council, according to the bill, shall have the function of and powers to devise strategic plans as well. The bill emphasised to facilitate communications between the government and private sector entities, academia, civil society, cyber security experts and also develop a 10-year and 20-year vision.


  1. What will be the solution of wireless calls interception, billions intercepted… I guess We should ban mobile usage. America has and will be world most top spying technologies. There is no way to counter, just u can waste money or allocate money to have a chance for more corruption. So mr mush bring bill 4 something productive, for dieing starving poor people, like thar..

  2. Locals say that the aerial operation was one of the heaviest bombardments seen in recent years in North Waziristan which is considered hub of al-Qaeda affiliated militants after 2007 peace deal

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