Adult literacy rises to 57 percent, Punjab tops, Balochistan at rock bottom in literacy



According to the latest released findings of Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement Survey 2012-13, by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the adult literacy rate in Pakistan has increased from 55 percent in 2010-2011 to 57 percent in 2012-2013.

Around 75,520 households were covered in the survey conducted all over the country.

Female adult literacy rate is recorded at 50pc in Punjab, the highest in country.

The adult literacy rate, based on 15-year plus age group, is the highest in Punjab with 59 percent, with a 2 percent increase from 2010-2011’s 57 percent.

Islamabad, listed under Punjab, tops the category with 84pc.

Rawalpindi has second highest ALR with 80 percent.

The provincial capital Lahore’s ALR is recorded at 77pc while Rajan Pur was recorded the lowest in the category with a percentage of 32.

Balochistan has been recorded with the lowest adult literacy rate of 39 percent. The rate has however shown a 2 percent increase from 2010-2011.

Female adult literacy rate is the lowest here, at 18pc.

Quetta tops in Balochistan’s adult literacy rate with 66pc, climbing up from 61pc in 2010-2011.

Kohlu has been recorded with the lowest percentage in the category with a percentage of 8, tumbling down from 29% in 2010-2011.

In Sindh, the adult literacy rate for 2012-2013 was recorded at 59pc, climbing a single point from 2010-2011.

Karachi tops the list in Sindh with 81pc while Badin sits at the last position with 23pc, way down from 36pc recorded in the last survey.

Abbottabad tops the adult literacy rate in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with 69 percent while the province is recorded at a total ALR of 48%, climbing from 2010-2011’s record of 46pc.

Tor Garh is recorded with the lowest percentage of 15pc.

Net Enrolment Rate (NER) for primary schools:

The NER for primary schools (age 5-9) has increased marginally to 57pc in 2012-2013 from 56pc in 2010-2011 at the national level.

Punjab leads the category with 62pc while Balochistan comes last with 45pc.

Chakwal tops at NER at district level with 83% and Dera Bugti rests at the bottom with 9pc.

The NER in Islamabad was recorded at 82pc.

Literacy -population 10 years and older:

With 62pc, Punjab has the highest literacy level while Balochistan has the lowest with 44pc.

Islamabad and Rawalpindi top with 86pc.

Karachi comes second with 82pc while Lahore is at third with the literacy rate of 78 percent.

Dera Bugti has been recorded with the lowest literacy rate in Pakistan with 16pc.

Over all literacy rates are recorded higher in urban areas than rural and in men than in women.


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