Extremist ‘relief workers’ behind torching of Hindu temple: PPP



Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leaders on Wednesday said extremists ransacked the Hindu temple in Larkana after entering the area under the garb of relief work in Tharparkar.
Addressing PPP office-bearers, Chaudhry Manzoor Ahmed, PPP divisional coordinator, said that the right-wing groups under the garb of relief work were sent to Thar. He said that the Sindh government was responsible for its criminal negligence, but the right-wing groups had cashed on it at the expense of the Sindh festival.
He also said that Sindh was comparatively less prone to religious extremism due to the composition of its population of the province and the widespread influence of Sufism. He, however, said the extremists had proved that the province was no more an exception.
He added that the PML-N, PTI and other religious parties had identified them with the Taliban and had embarked upon seeking peaceful settlement in a bid to impose their brand of Sharia. It would backfire in most ferocious manners, dismantling the whole edifice of Pakistan and its ideology, he warned. The Sindh festival showcased a soft image of Pakistan and the response by the civil society and the media was heartwarming that gave a lot of discomforts to retrogressive forces, he observed. He admitted that the extremists had tried to nullify the impact of the festival by unleashing the reign of terror in Larkana.
Last week, an angry mob torched a Hindu temple and scores of shops in Larkana while protesting against alleged desecration of the Holy Quran by a Hindu man.


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