Council of Islamic Ideology declares women’s existence anti-Islamic


Islamabad – Sharia Correspondent: The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) concluded their 192nd meeting on Thursday with the ruling that women are un-Islamic and that their mere existence contradicted Sharia and the will of Allah. As the meeting concluded CII Chairman Maulana Muhammad Khan Shirani noted that women by existing defied the laws of nature, and to protect Islam and the Sharia women should be forced to stop existing as soon as possible. The announcement comes a couple of days after CII’s 191st meeting where they dubbed laws related to minimum marriage age to be un-Islamic.

After declaring women to be un-Islamic, Shirani explained that there were actually two kinds of women – haraam and makrooh. “We can divide all women in the world into two distinct categories: those who are haraam and those who are makrooh. Now the difference between haraam and makrooh is that the former is categorically forbidden while the latter is really really disliked,” Shirani said.

He further went on to explain how the women around the world can ensure that they get promoted to being makrooh, from just being downright haraam. “Any woman that exercises her will is haraam, absolutely haraam, and is conspiring against Islam and the Ummah, whereas those women who are totally subservient can reach the status of being makrooh. Such is the generosity of our ideology and such is the endeavour of Muslim men like us who are the true torchbearers of gender equality,” the CII chairman added.

Officials told Khabaristan Today that the council members deliberated over various historic references related to women and concluded that each woman is a source of fitna and a perpetual enemy of Islam. They also decided that by restricting them to their subordinate, bordering on slave status, the momineen and the mujahideen can ensure that Islam continues to be the religion of peace, prosperity and gender equality.

Responding to a question one of the officials said that international standards of gender equality should not be used if they contradict Islam or the constitution of Pakistan that had incorporated Islam and had given sovereignty to Allah. “We don’t believe in western ideals, and nothing that contradicts Islam should ever be paid heed. In any case by giving women the higher status of being makrooh, it’s us Muslims who have paved the way for true, Sharia compliant feminism,” the official said.

The CII meeting also advised the government that to protect Islam women’s right to breathe should also be taken away from them. “Whether a woman is allowed to breathe or not be left up to her husband or male guardian, and no woman under any circumstance whatsoever should be allowed to decide whether she can breathe or not,” Shirani said.

Bilawal announces Sukhbir’s concert to raise food for drought victims

Thar – Staff Report: Pakistan Peoples Party (Chairman) Bilawal Benazir Zulfikar Asif Ali Zardari Bhutto (short Bilawal Bhutto) has invited renowned pop singer to Thar for a concert to raise food for the drought victims, Khabaristan Today has learnt. Bilawal believes that Sukhbir’s show, which he dubbed the Thar Festival, will generate enough money to serve the hungry people in the region.

“You have no idea how much the situation in Thar is hurting me personally. The Sindh government is trying so hard to make sure that everyone in the province is happy, and yet we see such appalling pictures. I really feel like I might have to organise another Sindh Festival here,” Bilawal told Khabaristan Today.

He then went on to explain how inviting Sukhbir over for a concert will solve the hunger crisis in the region. “I guess I will have to make do with a mini Thar festival, since another Sindh Festival might not be possible right now. In any case we are inviting Sukhbir over for a concert and all the money generated from the concert would go straight to the relief fund dedicated to the Thar victims,” Bilawal added.

The PPP chairman further said that if concerts can make Imran Khan’s (the former cricketer, not the singer or the actor) Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf the second biggest party in the country, they can “sure as hell” make PPP the second biggest party in Sindh.

“Sure, we might be calling the shots in the province but everyone knows who the biggest party in Sindh is, I mean come on,” Bilawal reiterated adding that, “Sukhbir’s party might help us establish ourselves as the second biggest provincial political party and help solve the Thar crisis simultaneously.”

The PPP chairman then went on to do a bhangra dance on “Ishq Tera Tadpaay” exclusively for Khabaristan Today, forcing our camera man to resign unconditionally.

529 Paul Smith outlets open in Charsadda on the same day

Charsadda – Fashion Correspondent: In what was a historic day for fashion 529 Paul Smith outlets opened simultaneously in Charsadda on Tuesday, Khabaristan Today has learnt. Another surprising fact about these outlets was that the outlets only seemed to be dealing in Paul Smith’s latest offering, “Robert”. Even so, in a surprising turn of events the original version of the shoe that is being sold for around $600 worldwide, is being sold merely for Rs600 in these outlets.

We cannot seem to pinpoint the reason behind these bizarre happenings. But Paul Smith seems to have taken global and Pakistani fashion industry by storm this week. Robert seems to be here to stay, despite the fact that sales in Charsadda aren’t particularly high. Locals don’t see anything different in Robert as compared to what they have been wearing for generations.

“I didn’t even notice that all these outlets had opened in this city. Probably because all they seem to be offering are these shoes that my family has been wearing for a couple of centuries now,” a passerby told this scribe.

“And they are selling it at the same rate as Peshawari chappals. No wonder no one’s buying them,” he added.


    • Yes it: Did you miss this on the left: Khabaristan Today Telling it like it almost never is.

      Too bad bigots in the states are spreading it around with a photo saying it is real. It is being used to spread hate. The world doesn't need more hate.

    • You really have to read the whole article to realize it is a (sick) satire. HOWEVER, although I got it that this was a satire piece — ALL satire, by virtue of being an extreme type of humor, ALWAYS points to realities needing to be addressed under the categories of what is the right thing to do. It is the purpose of satire, of course, and it is always political and ethical in nature.

      BUT: How many of the family laws in Pakistan are formed by any women’s voices?

    • At first I thought it was real, but after reading it it looked like satire. I mean "gender equality", really? That's what this is? Nobody would make themselves look that ridiculous.

    • you are right, this religion is a joke, if women not exist then how these beasts create an army and turn them into jihadist to fight with others and some time with each other. I hope these loonies destroyed by the west that they call our friends (US) although I dont like US either 😛

      • Saudi war game .Convert locals poor and uneducated to islam give them $ 1 book of hate and destruction .Rest is easy new foot soldiers of islam destroy their own nations and culture. Our Foolish leaders don't understand this war game.
        Edit Delete Report

      • you cannot be serious right now. you know nothing about the importance of women in islam. islam gave women rights before they had rights in america or anywhere else in the world by hundreds of years.

    • Sounds to me more like a Council on Islamic Idiots. If it wasn't for women, where would Pakistanis or other Islamists come from? You can't breed without them. Maybe that's the solution…do away with the women who produce Islamic children, and Islam perishes within a few years. Then everybody is happy!

      • Stupid morons… look at the picture! The picture is not satire. Islam is a sham!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bondage Baby…..

        • PT is a satire site, but I agree with you about the picture, and about child marriages and female circumcision and the inferior status of women in Islamic theocracy.

    • Islam is not a religion only in mosques ;but Islam is a good religion for life all our life and you can read about Islam before you judge …… U.N outgrow from slavery since less 70 years : but Islam outgrow from slavery since 1435 years : you can compare ……thanks

      • Islam is not a good religion for life at all. Strongly disagree. Its atrocious! I am so glad I am not a muslim.
        You believe and practice what you want.

    • What century is this again? And if women are "unnatural," quit fucking them and making them bear your spawn, you fucking Islamic fucks. I hate your culture so very much.


    • I am curently involved in an argument with my son – home form the war in Afghanistan – whether or not this is an element of a ritual in a Shiite festival and I will quote him directly " As many people in the comments point out, this is a picture of a Shiite festival, not "women being led to meet their husbands". And the syntax of the original post is appalling. I wouldn't be surprised if everything in it is completely made up." Would you please comment and tell me how you know this is not a piece of parodic 'made up' news ?

    • it is Satire. see the blue box with the K T in it? read the word that is in the black beneath it.

    • Look to the immediate left of the first paragraph of this article. It says: SATIRE

  1. Quite clearly they do not know anything about Abrahamic religions. Issa taught VERY differently on women and that they should be valued.

        • Jesus was not just a prophet, he was and is so much more than that. He is the Son of God who died to save each of us from our sin.

          • Absolutely! Son of God… God Himself – the Creator of the universe, of everything seen and unseen, incarnated as the 1st. century Jew Jesus of Nazareth – who came to take what we deserved on Himself, so we could receive what only He deserved.

      • You really have to read the whole article to realize it is a (sick) satire. HOWEVER, although I got it that this was a satire piece — ALL satire, by virtue of being an extreme type of humor, ALWAYS points to realities needing to be addressed under the categories of what is the right thing to do. It is the purpose of satire, of course, and it is always political and ethical in nature.

        AND, Pakistan Today aka Kabaristan Today IS a satire publication. Unfortunately, if you don’t read it through, and other articles, and just skim over headlines, it will definitely freak you out. I freaked at first.

        BUT: How many of the family laws in Pakistan are formed by any women’s voices? And, THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what satire is supposed to do, i.e., point out what needs to be pointed out, even if it’s presented as a lie.

        • Satire has a dark humor, yes. But to make fun of something that is an ongoing struggle at the moment or to post a picture that is disturbing, takes it from satire to sensationalism. nothing more than a headline or a "freak show" just for money from ratings, hits. It shocks. It shocks even those who know the real story, but at least in the same time validates our outlooks on despicable acts performed by humans. A condescending look on society expressed through comedy. Ripping off the Band-Aid quickly, but still exposing the wound and then saying how "funny" it was, the reason you got the wound in the first place(which might be horrifying)- and that Band-Aid didn't care.. THAT is what it is. Some get it, some don't. And it is the some don'ts that make this all possible. Because they are A-holes 🙂 Big Ones.

    • well… valued by half since their testimony is legally worth half of a mans in cournt. And that they are legal posessions…and can be given away… sold… or stoned to death if the "given" daughter is not a virgin. lol.

      What version of Abrahmic religion are you actually reading?

    • No, many know but they are taught to ignore & reject Christian and Jewish Biblical authority on the spurious "grounds" that such sources were corrupted from the original (supposedly Muslim) by subsequent writers.

  2. They clearly know nothing about Islam.
    Islam in itself means peace and it teaches equality. These molvis are just as corrupt as any Taliban.

    • Nice try, CII is the equivalent of The Vatican for islam. Spare us the 'this isn't islam' rap.

      • If Cii is the equivalent of the Vatican … which you assert, so sure of yourself, what would be “Al Azhar” ?? I wonder where you people get your infos from

      • So you're saying that the vatican passes laws decreeing something against the teachings of Jesus?

    • And you think everyone is a fool and knows nothing about abrogation in the quran. Islam is a sick pedo cult and should be wiped out.

    • Islam does not mean peace it means submission and it absolutely does not teach equality of anything. Either you're uninformed or you're a liar.

    • Wrong islam means submit. And why haven't we heard condemnation from any of the major muslim nations about the abduction of the 270 young girls in Nigeria.

    • This info that U have about islam is not true! unfortunately! if ur family is living that fact, it doesn't mean they do what islam told them to do!! can U answer me 2 things if islam is really fair as U clame!!?:
      1- what is MALAKAT ALYAMEEN? aren't only female slaves been sexually used??
      2- at court they take 2 women equal to 1 man if she needs to witness!! is that really natural for you?
      please understand what you believing in!

      • this is not islam, i condemn human made rules.. i agree only with god s words, and it is quran. quran and prophets do not teach this what you said!!! That comes from humans. Sharia was human made, and this satire only shows what and how humans does everything when they have no knowledge.

        • The quran itself comes from a human writer. The quran itself preaches domination and subjugation and chronicles the islamic god's pedophelia with his 8 year old "wife". The quran itself lays out the actual actions of it's writer and how he used violence, intolerance, and terrorism to create and grow his own religious cult – islam. The bible of islam also preaches that all those declaring themselves to be muslim are to follow the gameplan the quran's writer has formulated to further the islamic movement.

      • Because in power are people who cares only about money, power and their own wealth and we all quite good know that when it is about money, then everyone is from the same religion.

      • Pamela,
        Everybody is equal. Women who are muslim are certainly not equal in any way, not the way they are treated, its disgusting.!!

    • "Islam" also means "submission" – something muslims are currently forcing these women to do, and a definition that you conveniently forgot to mention…

    • Soory, but Islam itself means, literally, "submission". A Muslim is "One who submits" Islam teaches total world military domination, to bring it into submission to the will of Allah.

    • "Islam" means "submission," not peace. Those who are not submissive to some guy's idea of Allah's will are subject to punishment or even death. Religion of peace, my foot.

    • If Islam is a religion of peace, just consider present war/ fight situation in the world. All fights/ wars due to Islam people and they involving for those fights. What happen to peace religion

    • Yes equality to the m*slims means little girls marry old men against their will, have their genitals crudely mutilated, women can be murdered for adultery when they've been raped, a girl who disobeys her parents may be subjected to "honor killing" or having acid thrown at her face. Animals are valued more than wives. Not my idea of equality.

    • Islam means 'Submit' Submit yourself, and your life as a sacrifice to Allah.. In comparison as Jesus Christ submitted himself for us to be a blood atonement sacrifice so all of us could get to heaven. So you tell me Noor, what sounds more peaceful a God who came to earth as a man to die for our sin so we could receive the free gift of forgiveness and salvation? Or Allah through Mohammed who teaches to rage was and sacrifice your-life and kill in his name so you can get to his paradise?! It's a no brainier.. Christianity teaches peace, Islam teaches Jihad!

    • Actually, Islam mean "submit", and to say that these mean dont know Islam (aka submission) is ludicruous. The very definition of iltimate submission would be to set a man abovena woman so much so that her very existence (breathing) is dependent upon his permission

    • The Quaran is not a book of peace ever. Sharia law says women are not even to exist and little children have no rights. God is love and the real truth will set you free. This is found in the Holy Bible. God is love. God loves his creation and would never ask anyone to cut off someone's head or fingers like it says in the Quaran. One day very soon Jesus Christ is coming and when he comes every eye will see him because he will be coming in the clouds. just as when he left the earth he was lifted up n the clouds. Have you ever read the Holy Bible? You must give yourself the option to see the truth because the truth will set you free! You are promised eternal life if you ask Jesus Christ into your heart, turn away from your sin and become a true child of God.

    • "They clearly know nothing about Islam. Islam in itself means peace and it teaches equality."

      Oh really? Islam means SUBMISSION. Educate yourself!

      Equality….haven't seen much of that in all the Islamic countries that I have been to. Must be a Western thing.

    • You are soooo wrong. See the video of the son of the founder of Hamas speaking on how there are no moderate muslims. .. . I have read that the latter writings of Muhammad, which were extremely violent, nullified the first writings. The first writings were of peace. So they quote the writings to us that are of peace, which are now nullified, and they outright lie to deceive us in order to further the work of Allah. This is allowed in Islam.

    • Islam means submission-far from the peace it claims to be. as long as the Koran exists there will be no peace on earth. I say let's free the women from oppression and slavery. islam is not for women so women should be in islam. take away the women then mussies will stop breeding like rats. then the rest will die off or be killed ofr their religion of peace-lessness.

    • Go read Surat As-Saf 61:4 in your quran and you will know your Allah loved war and killing more than PEACE. Religion of PEACE…my foot.

    • Baloney Islam is no religion of Peace the ultimate goal is world Domination, Take over countries by over population with Muslims then change the legal systems to Sharia Law Also who ever heard of any true religion with a pervert as a leader
      Muhammad was & a Murderer on top of it. Equality to Islam is forcing Women to wear face covers, promotes using deception Beheading those that are non Muslim, This so called religion is more aligned with Satan than God.

    • These are the leaders of Islam. You poor people caught up in it are fantasizing that there is anything good in Islam. It is horrific and a cause of most of the world's current troubles.

  3. This must clearly be a joke! Read the last paragraph in the CII report, about breathing!

  4. of course this is not a normal writing, the writer has manipulated things according to his own desire. there is nothing true in this

      • This is a true report,.I belive women are as equal to men.GOD SAID THIS!Jesus taught women are to be respected,besides MOHAMAD never ROSE from the dead and never rose anybody from dead.Islam is so close to the truth,it even honers MARY THE MOTHER of GOD,this is in the KORAN.But it has not the full TRUTH.Wake Up To Yourselves Repent Before it is to Late.!

        • Islam is not close to the truth at all. It may honor mary mother of God but is certainly is not the full truth at all.

          This is a true report – it is not satire.

          Mohamed is not mentioned in the Bible. The Holy Bible speaks the truth. God the Father sent Jesus Christ his Son to die for each of us on the cross to save us from our sin that whosoever believes in him (Jesus) shall not perish and have everlasting life.

          God the father wants each of us to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and to follow him by the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
          If you want to be saved, wake up and repent and apologise to God the father for all your sins, for all the things you have done wrong and ask Jesus Christ into your heart to be your Lord and Savior and your friend and ask God to baptise you in His Holy Spirit in Jesus, name Amen.

    • I want to believe that you are right but could you please help by posting the correct account? If possible the entire speech.


    • What will these guys do when they go to their heaven with 72 damsels around.will they be eliminated there as well or given away like the IS guys do?

  5. The statement about women is very surprising. These so called authority of Sharia ever read Holy Quran or Hadith? Are they want to establish the laws of before Islam that is called period of darkness.

    • The period of darkness started when Islam invaded Europe. When Islam was vanquished, then the period of Enlightenment began. In the Islamic world, you've been taught the opposite. I've read many times from multiple credible source references that even your history books are distorted.

      I've seen many examples of this. The latest being that Einstein was a Chiite…

      Muslims in Europe are also trying to corrupt the history books re more recent history.

    • Sura 4:34
      Sahih International
      Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband's] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.

  6. People people people….this is satire, at its almost best. Enjoy it as such 🙂 I thought it was highly amusing !

    • Satire? muslims and satire? This must be a joke.

      If they wanted it to be an April 1st joke, then they should have waited for it.

      In the meantime, they should simply kill all their female offspring so as to please Allah and eliminate all those female object from the world. Every islamic problem will be solved if they do this.

      • i agree, they obviously dont know the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world… i have come to the conclusion all muslim extremist are insane.. if there are no women there can be no children… they will exterminate themselves. eventually.

    • Yeah its satire. Completely ignore the babies in chains or the fact that a father can rape his daughter there and then kill her for not being pure. Or how about the fact that women cant show their faces because it gives men a right to rape and murder them. This is just a few things on the long list of how women are property there. Even if this is satire, its true. Oh and dont forget the selling of women there.

    • You should look it up. Because this is not "satire"…unless the official CII website is now doing spoofs. Not likely

    • It's a little confusing, though, the way the page is set up. I thought surely this is satire, but had to do some cross checking into the "KT" logo at the side. So, yeah, THANK GOD, it is satire. However, in the cross checking, I found at least THIRTY agencies using this piece as real news!! THAT is disturbing.
      Just sayin' 🙂

  7. This has got to be the fakest report out there and if it is infact real, than it has to be the dumbest council out there. They dont know to what morals and status Islam holds its women. Wow. Simply wow. Ridiculous article

    • Type in sura 4:34 in Google ,
      Sahih International
      Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband's] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.

  8. If it is satire it MUST be mentioned clearly that these pieces are not real. PT…Stop misleading your readers!!

    • Yes, exactly! PT is absolutely misleading readers, because not many folks get past headlines. Maybe their intention is to be funny, but you have to wade through even to peripherally get it. Given the world view of Islam post-911, this kind of stuff can only ignite tempers, and those are fires hard to put out with truth. ………….I received this article through some Christians who absolutely believed it was true, and that therefore Allah is not a good God, etc., Islam is evil, blah-blah. If PT really, REALLY, wants some change and they want to do it through humor, I suggest they get a good editor who can cut to the punch line a lot faster.

      • I saw it on my Facebook, accompanied by a picture of Islam women in chains. It was posted as serious, not a joke. Everybody who will see the FAcebook post will understand it as true, not as a joke! You Muslim people just make the rest of the world totally hate you.

        • Yes Yvonne I did and felt so sick and now I feel even more sick upon finding out I wrongly accused someone 🙁

      • Yes, keep hiding you head in a hole in the ground until they knock on your door and tell you, convert or die! Oh, you are a woman? Than die!

    • Who are those people in Berkas? Why are women being kidnapped by Muslims in Africa to be sold as slaves? Wke up. Even if the council is fake the outcomes by Muslims is real. We see it daily.

    • Beside the article, under the source image for "Khabaristan today," it reads "telling it like it almost never is"…I took that to be that statement that the piece is not real.

    • Sátiras…?Por que no expresas la verdad…?Las mujeres son tambien creación de Dios…no sólo los que se dicen "hombres"…Son cobardes por que van en contra de la mujer ..frágil, e indefensas…la desprecian y discriminan…Cuándo Jesús el Dios de Amor,restauró a la mujer dándole un lugar en la sociedad,como parte de la creación de Dios..!

    • O alcoorão prega a paz, o amor, a justiça entre as pessoas ( homens e mulheres). Não posso acreditar que há pessoas que se escondem atrás do islamismo para fazer tanta maldade e cometer barbaridades contra as mulheres. Esqueceram que as mães deles e dos filhos deles são mulheres? Ou estes bárbaros nasceram em uma chocadeira?

  9. what joke!! forced to stop existing as soon as possible?? who wrote this piece of crap??
    if we dont exist anymore than how will the "man" exist??

    • PT is absolutely misleading readers, because not many folks get past headlines. Maybe their intention is to be funny, but you have to wade through even to peripherally get it. Given the world view of Islam post-911, this kind of stuff can only ignite tempers, and those are fires hard to put out with truth. ………….I received this article through some Christians who absolutely believed it was true, and that therefore Allah is not a good God, etc., Islam is evil, blah-blah. If PT really, REALLY, wants some change and they want to do it through humor, I suggest they get a good editor who can cut to the punch line a lot faster.

      • So it is the writers responsibility to make sure the reader actually does his due diligence and reads the entire piece – oh the horror.

        And just to further clear up a point – there is nothing that doesn't ignite the tempers of the islamofascists . We should remain silent so as not to "incite" the passions of the islamofascists?

        Appeasement doesn't work – they are never satisfied with a small concession – they keep chipping away until you are either dead or a dhimmi.

        I'd rather not give them the inch by falling victim to the islamofascism to begin with

    • well said zara, had to scroll far before I saw your comment. No Women No Men!! Get It

      • I have read the entire article posted here and I'm not finding the satire or humor in this. Please do tell … did the meeting not really occur? Is this not what they talked about? I openly admit that I don't know much about Islam, but what I have heard sounds not like a passive, empathetic religion.

        • Do you seriously not see the giant-font word "SATIRE" written to the left of the top of the article?

  10. I think this old man is done with women and now he is jealous and want to take revenge, this is a joke and if it is true….

    Maulana Sb. i will follow you when I get to your age of 76 years. lol

  11. extreme insult of islam, that is if it is by any micro chance true. It means that existence of women makes control of Allah on every thing through "quun fa yaqoon" questionable???
    "The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) concluded their 192nd meeting on Thursday with the ruling that women are un-Islamic and that their mere existence contradicted Sharia and the will of Allah"????
    and they accuse other religions of blasphemy against islam!!!!

    • not insult,

      its the religion rearing its true colors.
      they cry for sympathy where they are minority and this is what they do when they reign supreme.

      their koran n their hadith demands it!

    • Talk about a War On Women! But you won't hear anything from the Democrats about this one since they have a love affair with Islam and the Muslims! Just like it's not the fault of Boca Haram they kidnapped 300 Muslim Girls, now it's the countries Government's fault! I call this delusional!

  12. Seriously people, can you not identify stairs when you see it? Khabaristan Today is the equivalent of the Onion in the US…

  13. Seriously people, can you not identify SATIRE when you see it? Khabaristan Today is the equivalent of the Onion in the US… (uff, I hate autocorrect!)

  14. This satire, for God sake try to understand. The more we are getting into age of information, the we are getting confused and illiterate 🙁

    • This is because folks on the internet reading news RARELY read entire articles. You don't get the satire until you keep reading. Stuff like this just makes people crazy, especially in non-Muslim countries, because non-Muslim countries know NOTHING about Islam. You could say Muslims secretly hide their devil horns under their hats, and you would find a lot of ignorant people believing you.

  15. Perhaps the reason so many people don't think this is satire, is because of the way Muslims (not Islam) have been known for their gender inequality and violation of women's rights worldwide. When Islam came into being it gave women rights to choice of marriage, rights to education and career, and acknowledged women as equals, while many other faiths throughout Europe were still deciding whether women had souls. Muslims as a society have not progressed from that stage. If at that time, 1400 years ago, we were the first group of people to acknowledge women's rights in the most radical and progressive manner, why are we now the most backwards?

    I do not blame anyone who take this fake news seriously. Islamic countries have treated women so poorly that we should not even joke about these things.

    • Well said Fatima. But I do believe that Yeshua came to set it straight by empowering women to be in his group of talmid and empowered to move authority.

    • my dear Fatima, please and please if you are being treated like an animal in your rightful home or any were in the world all in the name of religion, please and please try and relocate to a good and better place.

  16. Perhaps the reason so many people don't think this is satire, is because of the way Muslims (not Islam) have been known for their gender inequality and violation of women's rights worldwide. When Islam came into being it gave women rights to choice of marriage, rights to education and career, and acknowledged women as equals, while many other faiths throughout Europe were still deciding whether women had souls. Muslims as a society have not progressed from that stage. If at that time, 1400 years ago, we were the first group of people to acknowledge women's rights in the most radical and progressive manner, why are we now the most backwards?

    • Idiot. Go along to get along. I'd like to see you go to their country and just try, lets say, just TRY to practice christian beliefs. How long before they kick you to the border? That's right!!! They ALL expect US to put up with their crap, their beliefs, their customs, and all the fricking hogwash that goes along with that. But you let the tables turn just once and find out if they would put up with ours. EXACTLY!!!!! Ain't happening…..and they come to our borders and shores and reap our social benefits, insurance, and handouts of every kind, and then bad mouth us behind our backs. Because we are complete and total fools. I have so had it.

      Foreigners cross our borders and work in our factory's and plants, collect their wages and live their lives. No insurance, health, car, home or otherwise. Yet let one of them get hurt. They show up in our Emergency Rooms, give a phony name and all, get treated and cared for and never have to pay a single solitary cent. Six months later they show up in the same ER, give a different phony name and the cycle repeats itself. Never having to pay a dime. So who do YOU think pays for that?

      And to top it off, ….they STILL don't learn to speak English.

  17. Now the difference between haraam and makrooh is that the former is categorically forbidden while the latter is really really disliked,” Shirani said…what a fantastic debate and how profound the thought,will these scholars tell the world how the humans will procreate.Take to animals? Really creative and wonderful.

    • Really? A satire??? Just like the girl that while being pregnant was stoned to death because she married the man she loved?

    • es un extraño sentido del humor : para que te percates y lo entiendas te deben advertir previamente y explicarte cuidadosamente lo que te han querido decir no vaya a ser que los malinterpretes
      no hay duda ,son gente seria que no buscan la risa facil y que pretenden mutar la amable satira en ira reivindicativa

  18. The peace in "Religion of peace" refers to the peace within the muslim regime. There will be no peace until we are all under sharia law.

  19. muslims are brainwashed. but when we, the others says this truth to them, they apparently cannot find their fault themselves, instead seek for justifications. Islamic values are firmly planted making the person insensitive to the views of the rest of the world. you can see even RSS Hindus of this type. they cannot overcome the brainwashing.

    • Only some are brainwashed, dear. Just as some Christians are brainwashed. There actually are good Muslims and bad ones, just like there are good and bad Christians. (You can also insert any religion on this point.)

    • making moslem religion becoming barbaric everyday. i wish every moslem will make research and search for the truth about God themselves. and not depend on what these islamic scholars are telling them and brain washing them with.

  20. Do you have the guts to post a comment with light in it? Or will you keep my comment in tash and continue living your extremist, ignorant lives??

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  22. Molvi and all council members must have women in their homes. What about them? They haram or makroh? Shame on your existance on this earth Mr molvi

  23. Read the last paragraph in the CII report..
    I almost can't breathe cuz i laughed so hard at this mornonic comment. :/

  24. Wouldn't "Allah" or "God's" greatest gift to life would be women??? After all, woman provide the continuation of humanity. Maulana Muhammad Khan Shirani is not spiritually gifted. He follows man's plan, a system of destruction. By the way, eternal rest, is not sex. Foolish blind religious one's and leaderships are next. YOU will be cleansed. You don't appreciate diversity and what GOD has created for you and me… There are ways for your soul to be HELLd in check.

  25. This is ridiculous. Are they defying Allah for creating Hawa (Eve)? Whereas the Noble Prophet Muhammad pbuh aske us to respect and cherished the co-existence of women. And even in the Quran stated and declare women rights. May Allah have mercy on the stupidity of these so called ulama.


  27. How can you be sure it's fake? Real question. Sure it's absurd and kind of ridiculous but the real debaTe on four tear old brides is real.
    Tel me where to look to be confident this is a hoax. I truly will appreciate the info.

  28. Got it. Says it's talking to the Khabaristan Times whose motto is " telling it like it almost never is". This article is a figment of the imagination.
    Is the part about the marriage of four year old girls also untrue? I read that last week on CNN.

  29. If women are exterminated then there will be no further generations of extremists. That would do us all a favour.

  30. There is nothing equal in nature. That is why all of the Abrahamic traditions must be destroyed. They are anti-nature.

  31. To the author of this piece: It is good practice to mention at the end of the article that it is satire. Your article can easily be interpreted as real story by some numb skull and I hope you do not want that.

  32. To all muslims here: Would you believe it's a satire if the same thing was voted for in a western country, with the same outcome? If the answer is no, then you finally understand how the west look at this "satire" and of Islam. This is just a small example of how the immoral views of Islam is represented itself through out the world. Now you finally understand how backwards your ideology is. Regardless if it is a satire or not. Now you might be thinking that this doesnt represent Islam in any shape or form. But try to absorb this: IF Islam is peaceful, then the islamic world wouldnt look like it does! Period!

  33. Even Mohammed the pedofile knew the importence of females , This must be a fake 😉

  34. this statement on women is inhuman and one can see the photo of young girls who are enslaved in bondage, some aged 10 years, in chains being led away as they were not sold that day; this proves that women in Islam are merely slaves who can be bought like animals This Islamic council decided that "women should be forced to stop existing as soon as possible". The Council of Islamic Ideology is hateful towards women and barbaric in their policy of treating women. No civilised country would allow this behaviour, as God created man and woman as equal partners; Mary was the mother of Jesus who was God in human form. The result of this council is depressing and most fair human beings would be angry to see women and girls treated as slaves as this degrades all society especially men who are encouraged to mistreat women.

  35. Now women should leave islam, and in one generation the islamic plague will be eradicated.

  36. this is why i say all religion should be banned from government… because Idiots like these…. this really receives the ubber intergalactic space blasting — facepalm of doom…

  37. Response to all Muslim men of the abovementioned opinion: All freedom loving women of the world would happily be deprived of your odious presence and philosophy which, by the way, contradicts the plans of whoever created us. We would lovingly and swiftly transport you to the place of many virgins so that you can enjoy the pleasures there that we joyfully withhold from you here.

    • PT is absolutely misleading readers, because not many folks get past headlines. Maybe their intention is to be funny, but you have to wade through even to peripherally get it. Given the world view of Islam post-911, this kind of stuff can only ignite tempers, and those are fires hard to put out with truth. ………….I received this article through some Christians who absolutely believed it was true, and that therefore Allah is not a good God, etc., Islam is evil, blah-blah. If PT really, REALLY, wants some change and they want to do it through humor, I suggest they get a good editor who can cut to the punch line a lot faster.

  38. This should not be in any context of religion, "we expect it from religion per their history" but of humanity and how barbaric that we can be towards females. The picture saddens me so much! The men that are requesting this are no better than rapists. They are maggots in stool. That is Ashia law for you. "And that is law" do we become passive and non discriminate when muslims and islamists come to our borders? ?

    • " I do discriminate " and we ALL should" those that dont will pay the price of their daughters and children being raped and used as slaves. MAKE YOUR CHOICE! good day!

  39. their all freaking idiot moron terrorists deserving of death, where do they think they slid down from when thesemorons were born or maybe they were hatched from an idiot chicken egg.

  40. These Islamist have been loving their goats way too long! This is a joke I am sure of it…but not the Goat Part that is pretty real and they really need to stop making love to their goats, the poor beast being raped like that in the middle of a desert no where to really run to except to give into some horny lonely Islamic idiot that is so ugly he can't even find an ugly woman to preform coitus to.

  41. Is this supposed to be impressive on SteveQuayle's Bible thumpin no-choice site?

  42. Wow. Ok, really? REALLY? Hey, if God aka Allah aka Yahweh aka All That Is True And Good and Right is on board with THIS bullsh**, then, personally, it is FINE with moi if He takes out all of mankind with another Noah's Flood. Oh, and, ok, satire? This is supposed to be SATIRE? How many people do you think ANYWHERE will believe this is a JOKE??

    • The West knows NOTHING about what is or is not Islam. This kind of online written material just makes it worse. I am not surprised the 'satire' in it — being as buried in content as it is in this publication — will be easily surmised by any non-Muslim reader.

  43. As "[the women] defied the laws of nature", I propose to help these peoples to go at the extreme of their vision to protect "the nature" at their place.

    In one generation, the problem will be solved.

  44. This article is by "Pakistan Today– Dedicated To Telling the News Like It Is"–PT! Where is the indication this is satire? ALL know "The Onion" is satire magazine! So if this is satire, then are we to assume that all written here is satire. It is not so!!

    You can't have it both ways!! Either an article indicates somewhere in that it is satire, or the whole website is based on satire, which there are several of online.

    Sure, wash it away by calling it satire, but this stuff is fact. If it is satire than you have no responsibility to change it, right? Keep walking on blinding yourself to how things in the world are so wrong.

    If one doesn't "see" the wrong, no need to change it, all is fine. No article in any of the other stories in this magazine indicates Pakistan Today is satire…not a one!! Look them up!!!

  45. I believe this is satire. However, satire is, "the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc." It is, therefore, based in truth. Muslim degradation of women has increased and is not to be laughed away. The treatment by Islamic men and law of many Islamic women is unacceptable to sane and rational minds is bad enough. Some Muslim communities want their views of women extended to all women. This must not be allowed. Never say, it can't happen to us. It can, and history has proven this too many times.

  46. I can't tell if this is satire or not. If it is true then this is the greatest indictment of Islam I have ever seen. If this is satire it still points to a huge flaw within certain sects of Islam.

    Women should be treated with respect, as equals. Marrying off young girls to old men is obscene. The hypocrisy of killing gay men while some Islamic men like to bugger young boys is also an obscenity. Enough is enough. If we want a peaceful world then destructive religious practices like these must end.

  47. This write up is of no importance, it is a baseless assumption of the group. WHY WAS NO CHAPTER OF KORAN QUOTED TO SUPPORT THEIR STAND

  48. This sounds very bad for Islam, sounds like they could do with a fairer unbiased Council, not the one they have presently got, with these kinds of ideas. A Good film to watch * The Stoning of Soraya M *.

  49. this is great – so if the logic is true then these guys will not procreate, therefore they will last only one generation.
    Problem solved.

  50. Erm… do these men not know that without women, there wouldn't be any men who can follow Sharia, or did men magically appear on earth with E.T. and without help from very strong, intelligent, wonderful human beings like women? It's almost laughable really, except that it's sad that in this day and age of information technology, Sharia ideology can spread amongst people like this. If we'd be living 3000 years ago, OK, but not in this day and age.

  51. Anyone who does not read this as satire is either a) unable or unwilling to read properly, or b) an imbecile

  52. There are only two types of women — goddesses and doormats, said Pablo Picasso. I always respect women, though.

  53. Of course this is satire. The worrying thing is that such a satire relies on plausibility. That plausibility comes from the misogyny inherent/or perceived to be inherent in Islamic ideology. A 'report' such as this would simply not work if it were immediately and obviously ridiculous.

  54. This better not be true,,,God will not like this at all,,hurting n killing the weak women ,young or unmarried,,,,God will take his revenge on anyone who does this kind of bad actions……pray through Jesus Christ,s name,,,amen,,that this is not going on there……..and if it is……I would not want to be them that r doing anything like that.Shame, shame,,,,on man kind for alluding it to happen to any women.Jj

  55. I think all the members of The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) were born to men mating with men..should ask them if their mother and father both had beards?

  56. This is so unbelievably stupid it would make me laugh were it not for the fact that it affects real women. Up with the human will!

    • When you people stop painting Islam as a terrorist anti woman religion? Islam was the first to liberate woman, slaves, to give every person his or her right. our prophet, never harmed any woman or child, and before he died, he left a word to take care of woman and children, in what was called ( hujat al wadar) , you people keep attacking Islam for everything that's wrong. but so you know, as many lies you write. as many articles and movies you make. as many books you publish, Islam will always be the on top of it. for you cannot make right look wrong, even if you covered with a thousands lies.

      This is not a practice of all the people who follow Islam. We must be careful with generalizations. It is not written in the Koran that women should be circumcised. Before judging an entire religion, we must be careful and be sure of what we are saying. We need to be based on serious information.

  57. I'm pretty sure if this were true, the western news sources would be all over it – they'd love nothing better than to have this kind of ammunition against any Islamic group (irrespective of their association to the true Islam).

  58. how stupid…..don't you know that if you exterminate women you can forget about having anymore boys too!

  59. when will the people of Islam realize THERE IS NO GOD !!!
    science has proven that time and time again.
    Religion is a ruse people,.
    Wake up and smell the DNA !!!

  60. this article was posted by "KHABARISTAN TODAY" who's tagline is "Telling it like it almost never is"

  61. Lighten up one and all ! You just have to read down the lefthand column beside the article. It is written SATIRE under the Tags heading…

  62. No need to read the article …. The pictures tell everything …. This is has nothing to do with Islam … Islam is respecting women's rights and defending them …,

  63. This photo is not in China , this one in Iran during the rituals of the Shia'at sect to show grief over the killing of a grandson of the Prophet Muhammad ! The contraptions in the Islamic religion ! We as Muslims do not take these contraptions to stray It's not a religion .
    The most important objectives of the Shia'at sect is fueling the passion of the people ignorant and they do not want the people to learn so they become easy to control.
    Islam is a religion of peace , love and encourage learning and community service and not a religion of backwardness and ignorance .
    Unfortunately there are several parties trying to abuse this religion noble through Media, and if we want to compare between religions and communities , what is your answer about what's going on here from the deflection of the girls and boys and sexual relations , especially in schools as well as girls become pregnant at the age of 15 and less!
    If your home is made of a glass don't throw people with stones!

  64. Any one who believes this is ignorant and gullible…This is photoshopped, as most internet anti muslim pictures are. Duh

  65. It is certainly the quickest way to finish up with this kind of "Islam" if they kill the women who otherwise will bear their babies.

  66. Fortunately this is from the section in Parkistan Today called Khabiristan Today which is satirical much like the Onion. Some other headlines are 'Pakistan finally grants India My Fickle Neighbour (MFN) status' and 'Second-hand telephone answering machine named Pakistan’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia' see

  67. This is insane,, & really something should be done about it either from the people of Pakistan or internationally,,,, these are sick people who have destroyed the real Islam,,,

  68. ISLAM is for losers! I catch any you muslims doing this in my country, you will die!

  69. I pity muslim women for living in bondage all this while. I've said it before and will say it again. The global threat to life and peaceful coexistence among mankind today is islam and its allah believed to be inspiring it. Well, the ball is in everyone's court. Christ is still in the business of saving souls. I pray muslim women quickly run to Him for their redemption. Women, better do something before something do you.

  70. These are false claims and lies from Anti Moslems and western crusaders; the truth is that Islam is the only known religion that respects women, and cherish them as wives, mothers, and equal believers.
    what is written in this article, in fact, is how Europe had regarded women as "evil" since Greece through Rome up until late 19th century and early twentieth century in some regions.
    Islam had shown respect to women 1500 years ago, when Europe was still busy in cannibalism.

    • Like always, blame westerners for everything… This whole site is middle eastern, and was published by Khabaristan Today.. You know if this was the other way around, you would be believing every word of it.. Easterners are the worst at trashing westerners, running with any story that seems offensive against the Westerners and believing it.. I see it all the time.. If they are so respectful and cherish them, let them have equal rights.. Then why in do they have to cover their bodies head to toe, and in some places even the face? Honor killings, Why are lots of women killed for getting raped? Women can't vote. The list goes on.. They obvioulsy want to control women.. I'm not saying all the laws are the same in every single place in the mid east, but if people believe this, it's because it doesn't seem surprising

  71. Islamics worldwide declared today that SHARIA IS ANTI-ISLAMIC and it must be ended as soon as possible.

  72. Surah 4:1 – "O mankind, fear your Lord, who created you from one soul and created from it its mate and dispersed from both of them many men and women. And fear Allah , through whom you ask one another, and the wombs. Indeed Allah is ever, over you, an Observer."
    So this either has to be false or just another piece to drum up the anti-Islam crowd. Either way, it can't be possible and include the term Islam when the source of Islam itself says the opposite.

  73. This picture concerns me more than the comments. This seems like a society of mature men and women fully participating in handing over young children a to what I assume will be adult men who will inevitably use force to engage sexually with these little children. Their bodies will not be ready for this act along with their emotional and intellectual understanding. The rape and pain they will endure will be on all levels a violation of it's worse kind. Some will probably die for this. This is something too difficult to absorb and to comprehend. If a country ever wanted to intervene with political discussions and protests to protect vulnerable children/people this would be that time!

  74. Islam a Major mistake to the world at large. All muslim should be living in another planet separately.

  75. It's fake, when people make judgement on Islamic law it's followed with an explanation from the Quran. I see it has nothing to do with the Quran bc there is no explanation of the sort!!

  76. Sick minded illiterate sad people, know nothing about Islam will be rotting in shaa Allah in hellfire for torturing all these poor women.

  77. If these scenes are not child abuse, exploitation of innocent kids, brain washing starting from craddle then what is it ? THIS EGREGIOUS MORONIC SLAVERY ACT IS AN UNIVERSAL IMPORTANT ISSUE THEREFORE REQUIRE UNIVERSAL SOLUTION. THESE KIDS ARE FUTURE OF OUR PLANET AND THAT WILL EFFECT ALL OF US.

  78. The whole comment about only a husband can decide if a woman can breathe should have been the first clue that this was satirical.

  79. The whole comment about only a husband can decide if a woman can breathe should have been the first clue that this was satirical.

  80. Arrest them …this is illiterate men talking and causing us to loose respect all over the world. ..they should be arrested and a treason case should be put against them for bringing us all to shame.

  81. LOL ppl it's taged as SATIRE. Just cuz it's written on internet, doesn't make it true…

  82. It is time for all muslims to sit down and have a rethink if islam is truly the way, you preach peace, you act violently. The Lord Jesus Christ is still waiting to receive and accept you, He only is the way, the truth and the Life

  83. I think, the pic is not related and they've taken advantage of the pic. As I know, it seems to be a picture of a ritual/ceremonial theater about "Ashura" and "Hossein-bin-Ali" who is killed (7th AD) and his family catched as slaves. The pic is as a remember of his family.

  84. Just a stupid drama. Not worth the alphabets it was written. Obviously the authors of this piece are most ignorant people. They DON'T know and they are not ready to know a thing about Islam and what it stands for

  85. Muslims woman are worth being non existent as they produce today nothing more than terrorist

  86. I believe in islam there are 2 kinds of moslems , ummm .. like black magic and white magic , the perverted one are badass and
    the great one is never hurt the creatures of GOD and never show off << they are silent in peace

  87. What is the greatest leasonin the Koran and what is the greatest teaching in Christianity and what are the differences between the two.

  88. No one has the right to decide how others how to live. Every person should have the right to decide how to live his/her live. It´s so sad there are people who make others get married or do anything against their will… there is no religion or power that makes this be fair. Please stop this nightmare!

  89. I can't be the only person who saw the tag "SATIRE" on the left-hand side, can I? Come on people.

  90. Why does Pakistani media put so called satire, in the middle,of hard news…and expect people to see the difference?…this CII group has made some very foolish decisions in the past and it is quite possible that they could make even more foolish decisions…why should the reading audience be trying to guess if this is truth or satire?…if Pakistan today wants to publish satire they should simply label it as satire!…


  92. Did anyone have any comment about the disturbing image of children in chains ? does anyone care about the image of child abuse., allegedly being taken to adult men to be abused/ oh no errrm 'married'
    I hear the adults insulting each others point of view, I hear the repetitive comment about satire… but what about the disturbing image ? Surely the image represents women colluding with a system that abuses children, girls, women ….. Where is the resistance ?

  93. I am depressed at the level of stupidity expressed by the commenters here. Any thinking creature ought to be able to tell at the headling 'women's existence un-Islamic' is satire.

    Especially when it's next to a masthead saying 'telling you like it almost never is'. BIG HINT RIGHT THERE, PEOPLE.

  94. To pass this piece of 'writing' off as 'satire', which I believe the Khabekistan Times appears to attempt, is not only irresponsible but completely incomprehensible. The world today cannot afford such irresponsible satire; I would rather call it war-mongering. If I were the editor, and I had any shred of responsibility, not to mention intelligence, I would remove it immediately.

  95. OMG, some of you are really True Idiots, this article is a Satire meaning its is Making Fun and speaking Non Sense. First of All this picture was taken in Karbala, Iraq at a play, this is not REAL at all. Anyone who would just believe something so hideous without really thinking about it is Hideous themselves, and for you Urdu Speaking people, this is all Bakwas and nothing else this is all Fake……..

  96. It is a clear example on how distorted religious beliefs corrupt men ; their god is evil but the true God is Love,compassion, mercy , (read The Fruits of The Spirit at Galatians 5 ) in The Christian Bible ; Women were created to complete mankind ;.We need them and we love them .

  97. for heaven sakes people its a fake sarcastic piece written by a moron who God know wanted to achieve what……..i got to this page by following a link that a non-muslim had shared to tell the people of the world how barbaric we muslims are.

  98. This counsel is a very small minority of Muslims with a very small sway among its own religion….and of course it does not have ability to think logically. If there were no women, there would equally soon be no men. And, should those women debased by the definition of these few males…decide that they will NOT go along with the stupidity now afoot… could soon be starving and their children starving and uncared for…because the women would remove themselves…leaving those feckless few to starve and die in filth …

  99. Please don't inform them that "exterminating" their women will cease further generations… That way everyone wins!

  100. Sick sick sick, what kind of demonic thinking allows this in any religion. These people are a shame to all Islam, and to Allah.

  101. This kinda sounds like BS to me? why is everyone out for blood when it comes to Muslim beliefs?. I say let the fanatics be fanatics they just end up looking like ass clowns in the end anyways and this goes for all religions taken out of context.

  102. People those who believed this fake news from a fake khabristan have a weak faith and donot read Quran. REAd and then comment.

  103. Spoken like a true hater of women. Another leader like the Spanish Inquisition, the next thing he'll claim that if a man shows any love for his wife or daughters that they are witches. In the Qur'an, chapter 4 is only about the rights of women. God/Allah says that men and women were created equally! This so called Council of Islamic Ideology is a sham, a lie. An abomination in the eyes of God/Allah. This monster who is speaking for his unnatural cohorts is so far away from the word of God/Allah that I feel pity for his soul. For stealing the souls of his followers and the suffering he is conspiring against God/Allah's creatures. We are beloved of Allah, for who else is given the gift ti bring forth life and to nurture it but women. Oh yes I am a Muslim too and proud of it

  104. It seems to me that a lot of these sheiks, clerics, wanna be scholars has never read the QUR'AN. The Holy book tells us how to treat, respect, and honor or Women, Mothers and Daughters. I am a 10 year convert who reads the QUR'AN regularly more than those born and raise in the religion. I take offense to those so called muslim countries making up a lot of these Sharia laws to keep people in bondage and blind from the truth.

  105. Indeed it's a satire. It's surprising how a lot of viewers couldn't discern that. Open up your minds guys .. and learn to take jokes.

  106. Stupid Islam!!!stupid Muslims!!!you all will rot in hell with your stupid religion…..after all,your prophet Mohammed is burning in hell too

  107. Let's watch men having babies from now on. First, they need to figure out how to change the laws of nature. Second, if men ever figure it out, let's enjoy how they will deal with the pain of birthing a child. I thought this article to be hilarious.

  108. Saudi war game .Convert locals poor and uneducated to islam give them $ 1 book of hate and destruction .Rest is easy new foot soldiers eof islam destroy their own nations and culture. Our Foolish leaders don't understand this war game.

  109. Unfortunately, many in America are too stupid to recognize satire if and when it should bite them on the ass. Like many things, The Internet is a force for a world that works, and for a world that doesn't work. Unfortunately, well done satire can be incredibly destructive. There are now hundreds of thousands who will believe this, and condemn all muslims.

  110. Whether this is satire or not it's dangerous… as it's playing right into the hands of extremists on both sides the publisher should be ashamed either way

  111. The Quran and Hadith is manipulated by these radicals to mean anything they wish it to mean to fulfill their wishes. They want to control society and therefore you. When I visited Iran, Pakistan and the greater Middle East 45 years ago it was a much different place than it is now. Islam was not full of people of hatred. We could sit and have tea on the streets in Bandar Abbas and discuss anything without worry. The same in Karachi, Pakistan. People were not necessarily wealthy of pocket, but wealthy of spirit. Now, if you speak of a political theory against these radicals' theories of what they think Islam should or should not be, they will call Fatwah on you and maybe behead you or punish you someway other than that. Free discussion is over now, and is getting worse. There is no one Islam. There are many, depending on which Mullah you listen to.

  112. A rather enjoyable piece of satire… I am afraid I am doomed to be a perpetually haraam female, despite being Muslim!

  113. Haraam are clearly superior to the mullahs. Therefore the mullahs need to stop existing.

  114. In the spirit of Oliver Swift & Samuel Clemens … deep, dark satire. Meanwhile another young woman was publicly stoned to death in an "honor killing" by her brother, father & arranged fiance.

  115. I am sure he didn't say as it is mentioned above. He didn't speak in English, so the translation is wrong.
    According to the law of GOD there are 2 kinds of Women. One is a righteous woman, following the dress code, and
    the rules of the divine and following the ethics and moral values.. The other one has no ethics and moral values and
    would do anything. Sleeping around with men, and committing adultery, ruining the other woman's marriage, busy in
    drinking Alcohol, and drugs all in opposition to the law of the land as well as the law of Divine.
    But Allah has ordered us not to hurt them as they are all future potential believers of GOD.

  116. I am sure he didn't say as it is mentioned above. He didn't speak in English, so the translation is wrong.
    According to the Divine law as well as the law of the land, there are good righteous, modest women with good characters, and high ethics and moral values. The other one is with loose character committing fornication, adultery, drinking Alcohol
    and doing drugs. ruining her own life as well as the other woman's life by committing adultery.

  117. Elliot Rodgers and now this. How can we continue to believe we can cut off our right arm and be just fine? There are so many wrongs on the planet right now, but this brings me to tears. I ache for my sisters and brothers. Awaken us all.

  118. Well thinking like that, the good news is that they will wipe out their own race.

  119. So someone tell me why the…. 'goings on' of another country is important to me and my family? Someone tell me, is there a facebook news article about my trials and tribulations posted on their screens? Do I need to sing my sad song and my woes to them so they can feel sad for me? I'm not sure how this works. My family has woes beyond woes and yet we still have to go to work, still have to pay our bills, still have to raise our children, still have to abide by the law, still have to be. So someone tell me why —-is the 'goings on' of another country supposed to be MORE important to me than the 'goings on' in my own country. Am I supposed to be MORE sad for them than I am SAD for my own?

    Why is America supposed to help them more than they help their own? Its my money, it should be my choice.

  120. if it is satire, to what end? what purpose does it serve? i must have no sense of humor because I am not amused, not even a little bit….is that the best this writer can do? sadly their are folks out there with limited brain capacity that believe everything they read, who will take this as the golden rule and start acting out this "idealism" in the name of religion. Some women may lose their lives and in the end they will say…Oh, this was not supposed to happen….it was just a joke or "satire." And then what? Just saying….


  122. Although this is satire and a joke, it's too close to the truth that some Muslim men seem to think about women when, let's face it, men are the ones waging war, killing each other, and making our world a miserable place. Maybe we should be very un-Islamic and let the women run things for a generation or two and see if things improve. They couldn't get worse.

  123. I would like to also add to my earlier statement that boys of 8-14 years old are halal. Aap sab ka khadim….Mullah Makrooh!

  124. This is ridiculous. The picture is from an Ashoura commemoration where Shiite women remember the year the grandson of Mohammad was killed by the caliph and his sister Zeinab was enslaved and led to the caliph in chains. Zeinab is idolized by Shiite Muslim women for her heroism in battle and for the brave words she said to the caliph when she finally reached him in Damascus in this condition. Ashoura is a sad time of year for the Shiites where they remember the pain and torture Zeinab and Hussein were subjected to. Note that they're all wearing black, that's what they do in Ashoura. Like it or not, it's an annual Shiite ritual based on history. A little learning would help.

  125. Bestial que otra persona tenga poder para exclavisar a alguien de su mismo genero, ni a los animales se los debe tratar asi, criminal.

  126. It seems everyone here has some incorrect perception of Islam based on things they may have seen from biased sources.

    The Arabic word ‘Islam’ means the submission or surrender of one's will to the only true God worthy of worship Allah’. The word also implies ‘peace’ which is the natural consequence of total submission to the will of Allah.

    Everyone reading this Article is probably not aware of the fact that this so called Council only gives advise to the Pakistan Government. These "laws" are in fact against the teachings of Prophet Muhammed and the words of God in the Quraan. In no other place except Pakistan has such laws ever been passed to my knowledge which should let everyone know that the officials sitting in that Council are corrupt and should be removed as they are not fit and proper to fulfil their duties correctly.

    Women are absolutely not a fitna against Islam. If any Muslim agree with the findings with the council, you should not forget that the first person to accept Islam was Prophet Muhammed's first Wife (Sayyidatina Khadija bint Khuwaylid)

    You should do some research before you comment. By that I don't mean look at one website and believe everything you see as there a number of SPAM sites made solely for degrading Islam and passing off wrong information. If you wish to have an opinion worth reading you will look for the truth before you speak about something you don't fully understand

  127. Forgive me, i'm not religious and i don't stand for islam or christianity or juadisim and the rest of them – but this post is bias and exaggerated; and posting it does not leave a good impression of you in my mind. You would probably not care what my impression of you may or may not be and i suppose you shouldn't but i'm saying what i've just said with good intentions and for the hope of making this world a better one for all of us.

    Let us stay with facts. Even if some people somewhere have really done or believe in this (post) they are a very small minority.
    Religions have many problems and, again, i'm not for any of them – but it is important to stay with facts and reason. Extreme and crazy exceptional things happen every day and in every corner of this world (including US) – to generalize and label millions or billions of people with those is simply wrong. Wouldn't you perhaps agree?

  128. Many are saying this is satire. So be it.. However, things that are said in jest are true and the statements are making a point..


  130. It may be satire yet not far from the truth in the case of a many female unfortunately born to Islamic environments; one can claim Islam a religion of Peace; then the Allah god of those identifying themselves under the Arabic term "Muslim" must be a cruel jester and playing a mean joke on the female born under such ideology. Obviously these Arabic terms such as "Islam" and "Muslim" are terms with translations in other languages; right? And yet the definition given to them are as polar as the poles of the earth's north and south poles. The terms given to these terms are distorted then under "the philosophy behind the terms. There is nothing of peace or equality or of human found in the behaviors of those executing indoctrination of Islam for most of the God forsaken female human organism unfortunately born in "Muslim" environments; The quality of life of the "non-Islamic" conformist female (and male for that matter), in all parts of the globe, is way better than the quality of life of the majority of "Muslim" females (and males). And…, the religion looks to blame the outside when the standards are propagated within the behaviors of its following by the dictates and the indoctrination of Islam. Therefore it is a sad occurrence that most Muslims are of such indoctrination and submit to the dictates of a few self-appointed "supreme" status (above all other "Muslim" Arabs and converts) and would dare not speak of against any of it out of fear; not fear of God, but fear of the behaviors of human beings following the orders of these narcissist self-appointed "supreme" status taken. The difference between the Human living organism and the organism of "so called" lower species is the rapid learning ability that the Human organism is given and therefore able to quickly adjust through adjusting quickly and through the negotiating with the environment and other living organisms found in that environment; not so such level of intelligence in the dictates and doctrines of Islam; because they are hijacked, denied, stolen by the dictates and doctrine of Islam or given up by the fool that falls into its entrapment. It's a pity, but we, the westerner can not be too good for our selves in giving even one inch to those that follow the Islamic religion that proposes it OK for Muslims to steal, rob, rape, capture and enslave even those that are kind to them, that extend benefits, consideration, and kindness solely on the basis that the individual is a non-Muslim; not one inch can be given to the Muslim solely for those religious allowances. Now, if any of you "So called Muslims" want to deflect that cautious behavior as a war against Islam; the war is on fool.

  131. I'd like to know where do they think they came from, they did not just appear on this earth and they cannot grow their troops without woman. in which if a woman doesnt have proper care will not produce a healthy human being.

  132. it is a satire but almost not very far from the truth. Kids get forced into marriage and even afghan boys get abused as sex slaves, have you heard “chai boys” ? all this Islamic barbarie makes me want to puke.

  133. Satire or not, there is going to be someone out there with extreme psychological problems and issues who will think this is gospel because it was put on the Internet as such. That is what worries me. Look at Hitler. He grew up Jewish but yet sought out to exterminate them all. I don't find this funny at all.

  134. It says right in the upper-left that it's "SATIRE", meaning A JOKE…learn to read, people!

  135. So, Islam was the first religion which promoted equality between genders? Yup, that's why muslim men can have more than one wife…

  136. Too close to reality to be appreciated as humor, what with the raping of children as "wives", kidnapping of girls to give to believers to "marry" and the butchery of women by the Taliban for "immoralities".

  137. so if women are un-islamic and they must not exist then let them go xDD and then we will see how they reproduce without their un-islamic women im guessing their hand hahaha xDD stupid people they contradict their own ideology

  138. Islam is the problem. World peace will only be achieved when Islam is dead. Islam is a curse.

  139. Where in the Quran that stated that women existience are un Islamic? Which Surah are this mad people quoting Quran from? Which Surah that preached against women existience? Which Surah that Stated Obey your Dad and disobey your Mother? This people are not Muslims for real. They are bunch of extremists that are having such meeting painting their religion as cynicle. As far as my knowledge of Quran takes me despite the fact that I am not a muslim, I am quite aware that their are no such things in the Holy book of God. These so called extremists must preach the real message of God not deviating from his message. It is unlslamic to subject any soul to such a dehumanization.

  140. Where in the Quran that stated that women existience are un Islamic? Which Surah are this mad people quoting Quran from? Which Surah that preached against women existience? Which Surah that Stated Obey your Dad and disobey your Mother? This people are not Muslims for real. They are bunch of extremists that are having such meeting painting their religion as cynicle. As far as my knowledge of Quran takes me despite the fact that I am not a muslim

  141. satire or not,,women rights don't exist at all in some places,,,they are raped murdered in cold blood,,in the streets,,so joke or not,,the truth of violence and slavery exist so long,,,you can have not mist that,,what article,,there are facts bigger than that and painful !!!!

  142. …… these people are bunch of evil!. I ask them, the supreme God that created women does He make a mistake? God can never, and will never make mistakes, this is unethical, God,ll help us, soon some people will declare themselves as God. Nonsence .

  143. This is satire, but from what I have seen of the Muslim world, it would not be of great surprise.

  144. Can some person of the Islamic faith say if this is fact or not? I live in the West, i'm Christian, i don't believe all Muslims are bad. But i seen this on Facebook and it will be used to further portray Muslims as backward degenerates living in the dark ages. I know there are fanatics among Muslims as there fanatics among Christians.

  145. the story says clearly SATIRE and "Khabaristan Today
    Telling it like it almost never is." Maybe read everything before spreading it around…

  146. People are in chains they are captive they All need Jesus to free them and to give freedom and peace and joy and love.nobodys is slavering anybody,god loves all ppl inclusive women's !!! God is so good and loving!!! Only god is the Boss!!

  147. Yeah well these people don't have cruise-missiles or F35's so they have to come up with a different approach to get motivated for the battlefield

  148. If you go to conclusion, their statements contradicting each other..I cant understand why they called it a religion of peace, because im confused to what standard, how to integrate when they are lots of conflicts..

  149. Please try to consider that These extremists manipulating all orders of the right Islamic religion which respects and revered women for a simple example Prophet Muhammad said a mother's satisfaction and love to a righteous son is a sufficient reason for son to enter paradise also in the Koran same Lots of speaks about the son who stand next to his old parents helping them and support them during their lives and how God his almighty compensate the son with eternal life living in the paradise How we can consider these extremists as Muslims if they insult and humiliate women They putting a new Islamic rules the majority of Muslims around the world do not know about it If we compare their numbers with Muslims numbers around the world they are nothing why we are concentrating on those extremists and their dirty extremist targets

  150. Get rid of all religions and only believe in what you feel and touch and see.Teach respect for all and treat people the way you would like to be treated and watch how the world changes in just days.You don't need any religion to do this.People hide behind religion with all their sins.

  151. If it supposed to be satire or comedy it fails completely ! And, if by chance, Muslim men do think that Muslim women should be all eliminated then I would like them to tell the world how they expect to have any future sons born !!! ?? Just sayin'
    It's all crap, the religion..even tho this is supposedly satire, is definitely oppressive to women.

  152. Wikipedia on Pakistan Today – "The newspaper has a satirical column called Khabiristan Today. Since its material is often unfamiliar, its satire is sometimes lost on Western audiences. This was the case in 2014 when an article claiming the Pakistani Council of Islamic Ideology issued a proclamation stating all women are intrinsically un-Islamic was picked up by both internet and mainstream news sources."

    Only idiots would belief such fake satirical story.

  153. Muslims are shooting themselves in their religious foot faster than you can smile at the parody.

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  155. HELLO PEOPLE – IT IS SATIRE!!!!!!!!!! Wow, you hate Islam that much that you can't tell when something is so obviously not ture, like being a woman is automatically un-Islamic… there are many clues right away that this isn't actual news!


  157. Yeah, this really shows the intelligence level we can expect from these hideous, evil morons! Go ahead and get rid of all of your women. At least then you won't propagate your kind!

  158. Your readers are sooo stoopid – they believe this rubbish even though it says SATIRE at the very top. Perhaps they dont know what that means!

    But the article itself just generates more hatred against Islam & Muslims – maybe that is what the writer indended?

    Pakistani literati have reached such disgusting levels of mental filth under the notion of modern progressivism that they have become blind to common sense, decency, honour & shame.

  159. One wonders how these mulls were born and who their mothers are to give birth to such loony characters.Islam religion of peace and equality/….are they not tired of mouthing such loony statements.

  160. There is no doubt that women's existence is anti-islamic. All the troubles in this world are due to women and a world without women would be a perfect world, full of peace.

  161. that is a total s*** I read half of it wide my mouth wide open.. who said it actually i want to see him to curse him They are the lot that are deteriorating the image of Islam in western world. Can someone please send this to #DrTahirulQadri? i want to see his reaction and hear his comments over this crap…

  162. If you think this is misogynistic,try reading Paul in the Ancient Greek! YES, Saint Paul! Better to marry than to burn is the very least of it!

  163. Saluditos .Sus leyes las quieren poner por encima del Coran segun veo. Hasta donde yo entiendo es que es pecado abominable cambiar o hacer una moderacion en un texto disque ''sagrado''. Y ustedes tratan a la mujer como ganado, o peor que aun toro de lidia, solo llevan en sus entra~nas el odio y la agrecividad. Yo no se' si su maestro les ense~o' lo que es la compacion, el amor al progimo, la hospitalidad, el cari~o y la proteccion a la familia, la humildad, el respeto a la vida, la proteccion a las criaturas peque~as y debiles. HaShem nos de amor para toda la humanidad y se vuelvan a el en arrepentimiento . Recuerden a Hugo Chavez que dijo que odiaba a Yisrael desde lo mas profundo de sus entra~as y asi murio' podrido de sus entra~as .Shalom

  164. Someone please tell me that this is another case of the media picking up a story from The Onion. It HAS to be a joke.

  165. Whew! Thank goodness it IS satire. Almost missed it. That's a relief. it's also a relief that even muslims have a sense of humour. That gives me a little more hope. But I have to wonder if ISIS is not sending a goon squad to shoot up the offices of the PT news company.

  166. Let them kill all their women, once they do that and the lot of them die off POOF! no more Islamic state! Do I actually support genocide of any kind? Of course not but then the level of intelligence that went into that little rant didn't exactly warrant a NON-sarcastic response now did it?

  167. So in Islam women are literally regarded as disliked & forbidden! &, scores of Muslim women jostle to attain such status!

  168. If the Council of Islamic Ideology is hell bent on painting itself in a corner, then how about this: since they were carried by and born from a woman, there is nothing left for them to do than declare themselves "un-Islamic". I see no other way.

  169. Have never read as much Sh…..te Spiflicate the Lot in other Word's Wipe them out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. Why have we all become silent?Twenty years ago we would have screamed from the roof tops.The Muslims got it right!We are all silently hanging back because we accepted that we are possibly racists.That is how Islam will take over.We are no different than the countries that stood back as the Jews lined up to go in to the railroad cars.The Pollitically Correct group and the black Al Sharptons have handcuffed and gagged us all.We have become cowards!!!

  171. This is not a religion , and therefore should exist under WORLD LAW . It is a crime against Humanity and taking us back to the Dark ages .
    Ordinary Muslims should put a stop to this before their so called faith is destroyed . No Muslim can say or defend their belief if this is going on .

  172. I am afraid to re-post anything negative about muslims. My daughter living in California has dated a muslim man for a couple of years and she claims he is very kind, gentle and respectful to her. He was a peaceful muslim. Don't they all follow the same koran??? I am so confused. Are some of them different? She has broken up with him. I am so glad but she still sees him occasionally. BUT, she is now dating a man that is from Israel. !! Of course the two men hate each other. She lives in Hollyweird. I am very concerned for her. She is an adult and can take care of herself. But I am still afraid even though everyone says this muslim man is very nice and his friends are also nice. I am not convinced.

  173. نجدد ترحابنا بكم في العاب بنات التي تعتبر من افضل الالعاب على الاطلاق وعندها جمهور كبير جدا وهي بدورها تتضمن التلبيس والمكياج وكذلك الطبخ وتلعبها البنات بكترة واصبحت مشهورة جدا في السنين الاخيرة مما جعل مواقع الالعاب تصبح كتيرة وهناك كتير منها مشهورة متل فرايف و كيزي ومواقع اخرى كما ان هناك ايضا موقع جميل عربي يقدم تشكيلة من العاب بنات مميزة ومتجددة يوميا هذا النوع بدوره يشمل اصناف كتيرة سنتعرف عليها الان ومن بينها العاب الطبخ الدي يملك معجبين كتر جدا ويعتبر هو الاول تم يليه العاب التلبيس وهذا الآخر ممتع ويحبه الكتير لان التلبيس تعشقه البنات اكتر من الاولاد وهذا امر بديهي ومعروف وبعده بالتتابع يوجد العاب المكياج او الميك اب نوع جميل ومحبوب عند الصغار والكبار ويبقى في الاخير نوع قص الشعر وهو الاقل اهتماما

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