Fairy Meadows Road ranked second deadliest track in world



Pakistan’s picturesque Fairy Meadows Road, leading to the base of the Nanga Parbat Mountain has been ranked as the second deadliest highway in an interactive map released recently.

Hertfordshire- based Driving Experiences released the interactive map that shows the 22 most deadly highways in the world.

The ranking is based upon the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) global status report of 2013 on road safety as well as other data sets.

The Fairy Meadow Road was rated as the second scariest road track because of its ‘treacherous high altitude, unstable and narrow mountain roads.’

It follows the North Yungas road in Bolivia, widely considered to be the world’s most dangerous route and has even earned the nickname of ‘death road’

Each road is rated according to its ‘fear factor’ with the Fairy Meadows roads scoring 9 and North Yungas scoring 10 out of 10, respectively.

According to the Daily Mail, actors such as altitude, safety precautions in place including barriers, local driving techniques, the condition of vehicles, road surfaces, annual road deaths per country and weather conditions were all taken into account when producing the map.


    • aoa
      must go. but make sure you have enough money. i spent almost 100000 rupees for 7 boys. meal is too much expensive 500 per plate. n n a roti for 100. (Y)

  1. I have been there in jeep with Rahmat & walked through this track by foot a number of time… but not so dangerous feelings as you termed it.

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  3. I have to this place three times, the jeep track is way too much dangerous. Few days ago one jeep fell into the river, killing three family members.
    If you go there just remember not to talk to the driver too much and let him focus on driving for further details read about this place at http://www.travelthee.com

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