Beaconhouse organizes Learning Festival


The Beaconhouse School System organised a ‘Learning Festival’ for its students, parents body and the larger community on Sunday, February 16, 2014.

This event was simultaneously held in 39 branches of Beaconhouse in Karachi, Hyderabad, Quetta, Sukkar and in three cities of the Southern Punjab. The parents of young children were invited to participate in a wide range of interesting and interactive activities, to engage in and bond with their children. The lively music, parents and students singing together, puppet shows, colourful environment, food courts and a very large turnout of the families, created a very festive look, which was enjoyed by all the participants.

There were presentations and workshops by the renowned experts on ‘Parenting in Early Years’ and ‘Parenting day to day’, ‘First Aid and Safety’ and Health and Nutrition. Parents were interested in knowing about the healthy food options for growing age and prepared tasty snacks with the ‘ Little Chefs’.

The parents explored options for using technology as a learning tool. They read stories on line with their children. Some were seen solving Maths, Science and General Knowledge quizes together. Mothers were given an opportunity to learn how to plan their house hold budget, using technology. Some children were seen taking photographs of their parents and giving them the print outs of the same.

Yoga and aerobics sessions were organised for the students and parents to participate together.

A large number of parents showed interest in the creative art and craft and pottery activities.