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Taliban threaten Kalash tribe, Ismailis in Chitral

The Pakistani Taliban have announced an “armed struggle” against an indigenous tribe and Ismaili Muslims in the picturesque northern Chitral Valley, calling on Sunnis to support their cause in a video.

The valley was once dominated by moderate Ismailis and is also home to the Kalash, a polytheistic people who claim descent from Alexander the Great and who have maintained separate cultural traditions to the predominantly Muslim country.

But migration in recent decades has meant that Sunni Muslims are now the majority in the area, while the Kalash way of life has come under threat by the Taliban, who have also carried out a number of attacks against security forces in the area.

The Taliban’s 50-minute long video released on February 2 on their media wing’s website opens with a scenic view of the mountainous valley that is popular among domestic tourists and famed for its annual polo festival.

The narrator warns the Kalash, who are thought to number only 3,500, to convert to Islam or face death.

“By the grace of Allah, an increasing number of people from the Kalash tribe are embracing Islam and we want to make it clear to the Kalash tribe that they will be eliminated along with their protectors, the Western agents if they don’t embrace Islam,” he says.

The video also accuses international NGOs of creating an “Israel” like state in Chitral by attempting to protect the Kalash culture and take people away from Islam, and vows to foil their plans.

A charitable organisation headed by the Aga Khan, the Ismailis’ spiritual leader and a globally renowned philanthropist, is singled out for condemnation.

“The Aga Khan Foundation is running 16 schools and 16 colleges and hostels where young men and women are given free education and brainwashed to keep them away from Islam,” the narrator says.

He adds that the foundation’s schools and hospitals, which are free for members of the public, are espionage tools in the hands of foreign powers.

The Kalash are also warned to stop producing wine, which they make from apples, mulberries and grapes.

“Western NGOs are promoting Kalash wine and we warn all those individuals and hotels selling it, they should stop production and selling of wine otherwise they will be sent to hell by the will of God.”


  1. Is there anyone in Pakistan government who has the courage to stand up for these native people? They have a right to exist in their homeland that predates your country…are you going to let them be terrorized because of the radical beliefs of murderers who use violence to promote their political agenda…is there even one brave Muslim in your country who will admonish the TTP and reject their twisted ideology?….

    • “Pakistan government” “courage”

      “Pakistan government” “native people”

      “anyone in Pakistan government who has the courage to stand up for these native people”
      Oh my, I think you’ve grossly misunderstood the purpose and goals of Pakistan’s government.

  2. When it comes to religion TTP do not beat about the bushes. Their simple formula is 'my way or high way'.

  3. Nawaz govt. has encouraged these terrorists by holding peace talks with them. It has legitimized their cause. The signal that goes out to the world is that a few thousand terrorists can bring the fifth largest army in the world to their knees. It goes to show how weak the army is. If they cannot get rid of three thousand extremists then Pakistanis should know their army is no match for a regular army and are in position to defend its territorial integrity. Kiayani is to be blamed for bringing the army to such a low level of competence. If any of Nawaz's relatives had been killed by these terrorists, he would never have agreed to hold peace talks with them. These talks are a slap in the face to the loved ones of the people who were killed by these barbarians. Imran Khan has been a disappointment. He has not taken a stand against talibans and because of that he is losing support.

  4. These barbarian Taliban beings should be hunted down and eliminated. Kill all of them is the only way to have peace.

    • If "there is no compulsion in religion" how can you say this? Can you be proud of someone being converted forcefully by the sword instead of willingly? Pakistan is moving backwards and getting left behind by the rest of the world. Good luck destroying a unique culture that is part of your nation. This shows how 'tolerant' Islam has become, and yet pakistanis in other countries complain about 'discrimination'? If you condone this type of behavior I hope you are treated like the 2nd class citizen that you are everytime you step out of your on to be stone age country, just like what happened to afghanistan. A great country with millennia of history reduced to a back country village. Good luck.

  5. See THENEILRIVER channel in youtube to see 1200 videos of gods and goddesses appearing in sky and forget Islam.

  6. Pakistan is a backward nation with a corrupt government.
    Why do you think Bin Laden was staying there?
    Do you really think that nobody knew he was there?

    • They are muslims because they call themselves that. Just like how sunni and shia are both muslims but with different ideology. But they are not muslim in that they don’t follow teaching’s of prophet.

      • The prophet was a bandit, pedophile and slave owner. He ordered to massacre women and children who wouldn't convert. Now tell me in which way they don't follow his teachings?

    • All the things they say and do. Give me one single proof anybody else who ignores or apologizes away the direct commands of the Koran is a muslim.

  7. But I thought Islam is "the religion of peace".

    But seriously, Islam is a problem everywhere it is found. This is indisputable. I look forward to the day that all followers of that excuse for a religion have been purged from Earth. Anybody who is stupid enough to follow a religion that was created so a schizophrenic false prophet could have multiple children-wives doesn't deserve the oxygen they breathe.

  8. This discussion has all of the intellectual content of two strange dogs snarling at each other through a fence.

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