Taliban recognize Pakistan, constitution: Mushahid Ullah



Parliamentary Leader in Senate and Central Secretary Information Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Mushahid Ullah Khan Tuesday said that Taliban recognize Pakistan and constitution and talks with them are being held within the constitutional purview.

“Their engaging with the government into dialogue clearly means that they recognize the country and the constitution he was speaking in the Senate on a motion moved to discuss law and order situation in the country.

“If they do not recognize Pakistan then why they have their name as Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan,” he said and assured that no decision will be made contrary to the constitution.

About enforcement of Shariah, the Senator said, “we all are Muslims. We all know Shariah well. No group can unilaterally announce enforcement of Shariah or waging Jihad.”

He said if anybody desires any changes in the system, he should contest the election and come to the Parliament to get things changes. “Nobody can be allowed changes in the constitution or system while living in their own system or their specific approach for governance.”

Mushahid Ullah said the dialogue process is a sensitive issue and we need to be cautious to comment on it. “We have started this process. At least we have to start somewhere. If people die every day, then some way out had to be sorted out.”

He said Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz is a party of federation and has been advocating the rights of minorities and women. “We never promoted provincialism. We are a party of the federation and think the same way. It were we who most forcefully advocated for rights of women and minorities.”

The PML-N Secretary Information said terrorism is a national issue that was not addressed over last one and half decade. “The process started today is not only the government sponsored alone but it was consensus of all political parties. Therefore, we need to be patient and make collective efforts.”

He said in a conflict of gun and ideology, the ideology prevails ultimately and the democratic people confront the gun in a democratic way.

The spokesman called upon the nation and the political parties to join hands for addressing the lingering on issue of terrorism and bring normalcy to the country especially to troubled areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA, Sindh and Balochistan.

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