Smoke emitting vehicles risk for environment


The increasing number of smoke emitter and old-age vehicles on the busy roads of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad hazardous to health of residents beside damaging capital’s beauty.

The black smoke belching out from the exhaust pipes of Cars, trucks, vans and other smoke emitter and old vehicles moving on roads was a big menace for environment.

Residents demanded a mechanism to banned un-repaired and smoke emitter vehicles for ensuring the protection of their health.

A resident of sector F-6/1, Fahad Ali said that un-repaired and old vehicles not only producing unhealthy air to breath but it also disturbed the traffic flow. He said it was difficult to drive cars on highways in evening in presence of heavy traffic emitting smoke and using high pressure horns. He said that may people do to not bother to carry proper maintenance of their vehicles that cause air pollution. He said that smoke emitter vehicles were not only dangerous to the human health but also to the plant life of capital.

Dr Asif a medical practitioner said that air pollution by vehicles lead to chronic/lungs, Cardiovascular and Heart diseases.

If you are behind an old car and see blue smoke coming out, be warned that you are breathing in tiny droplets of nasty oil, he added.

The spokesman of Islamabad Traffic Police said on contact that authority was considering to ban moving of taxicab below than 2002 model in Islamabad for protection of environment. He said that owners of old and un-repaired vehicles were being given challan tickets while the education teams of ITP were also functioning efficiently to guide the people in this regard.