Afghanistan blames Pak for killing children in cross-border shelling


Afghan authorities in eastern Kunar province have alleged that at least four children were killed due to cross-border shelling from Pakistani soil.
A spokesman for the 201 Silab Military Corps for eastern Afghanistan, Haroon Yousufi said the children were killed after a rocket fired from Pakistan hit a house in Marwa district.
Yousufi further added that a service member of the Afghan Border Protection Police Forces was also killed following the cross-border incursion.
However, he said it was not clear if the rockets were fired by militants or by the Pakistani military, but he said it was most probably the Pakistani military as it has been shelling eastern Kunar and Nuristan provinces during the recent years.
Kunar is among the volatile provinces in eastern Afghanistan where Taliban militants, both from Afghanistan and Pakistan, including Taliban Chief Mullah Fazlullah, are actively operating.
According to the local residents in Kunar and Nuristan, dozens of people have been killed or injured following the cross-border shelling.
Tensions heightened between the two countries on several occasions over cross-border shelling, which also resulted into clashes between the Afghan and Pakistani forces last year.