How Balochistan gained independence


A chapter from Pakistan Studies book in the year 2021

India and the US getting close in the lead up to the withdrawal of American troops in 2014 meant that as soon as the US left Afghanistan, India filled the vacuum. By letting Indian influence increase in Afghanistan, the US proved that it had always been our enemy, and despite Pakistan being a loyal ally, the Americans let Hindu imperialism – that Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah had warned us against – spread in the region. The cunning Hindus now flanked us from both the eastern and western wings. It was like 1965 war all over again, and the brave mujahideen, again, were ready to fight till the last breath.

Marri agents

Meanwhile in Balochistan the India-funded Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), Baloch Republican Army and Lashkar-e-Balochistan who were busy terrorising innocent Pakistanis got more support as RAW supplied intelligence, militants and weapons through Afghanistan. Hyrbyair Marri, a RAW agent in disguise, along with Mossad’s Khair Bakhsh Marri, left no stone unturned in spreading anti-Pakistan hatred in Balochistan.

Hindu centres

After getting geographically close to Balochistan, India used the same tactics that it had used in East Pakistan to further disintegrate Pakistan. Balochistan’s Hindus from their centres in Hinglaj Shrine and Kali Devi, in Lasbela and Kalat respectively, started preparing ‘Baloch’ agents – Hindus posing as Baloch Muslims – to fight for the terrorist organisations against Pakistan army. These agents also spread venom as teachers in all the districts of Balochistan, brainwashing the Balochi children into hating Pakistan.

Hindu teachers and brainwashing

Indian plotting and planning meant that political tensions regularly sprung up as years 1948, 1958, 1962-69 and 1974-77 revealed. Indian agents from the Khan of Kalat to Akbar Bugti all played their part in destabilising Pakistan. Issues as trivial as Sui gas royalty and gas extraction payments were depicted as being big enough to dent Pakistani patriotism and the Hindu teachers in Balochistan started spreading the poison of ethno-linguistic nationalism that defined the Baloch people as a separate nation. Baloch children were taught that Muslims are not a nation and that Pakistan’s Islamic ideology and the Two Nation Theory had drowned in the Bay of Bengal in 1971. The Hindu teachers and the Hindu militants collaborated to make sure that the Balochis turned against Pakistan.

Bugti and Marri’s 15 points

In the year 2005 Akbar Bugti and Mir Baluch Marri presented a 15-point agenda to President Pervez Musharraf. The 15 points clearly reflected the Indian agenda as Balochistan demanded more provincial autonomy and more rights over resources. These Indian agents had forgotten that patriotic Musharraf, a man famous for chanting ‘Pakistan First’, would never have succumbed to such selfish demands. Traitor Bugti was killed in 2006 but the Indian militants had ensured that they now had a strong stranglehold over Balochistan.

Missing persons

The Indian army had been lifting young Balochi men since 2000, as thousands were kidnapped and kept in custody. These men who were registered as missing persons in Pakistan were used by the Hindus to monitor the Balochi way of living closely so that they can copy it and pretend to be Balochi Muslims. The Balochi children were taught that Pakistan army had been abducting their relatives, and this generated more hatred in the hearts of the Balochis against Pakistan.

President Raheel takes action

President Raheel Sharif and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met in Washington, in February 2015, with Modi continuing to reject Indian role in Baloch insurgency. President Raheel, now realised that there was no other option for Pakistan army – that had always been the country’s saviour – but to fight against the Hindu terrorists of BLA and its allies. He then announced war against the ‘Baloch’ uprising and ordered the army to lift and dump anyone that showed any resistance.

Jews join in

India already had a sizeable army that penetrated inside Balochistan through the Afghan border, but since Balochistan was a gateway to the Middle East, the Israeli Jews joined the Indian Hindus in fighting against the valiant Pakistan Army. Israelis and Indians posing as BLA members wreaked havoc in the province that became a warzone for months. Brutal rapes and mass murders were witnessed as the RAW and Mossad agents showed the monstrous side only to blame the mujahideen for the atrocious crimes that they could never ever have imagined. Eventually, it was American intervention that tilted 2015’s war in the enemies’ favour.

US intervention

The US had always wanted to create an independent state of Balochistan after it left the region so that it could turn it into its colony and control the energy corridors and counter the influence of China in the region. With a clear path now to Central Asian resources established and President Obama’s ‘pivot towards east Asia’ failing, the US capitalised on Israeli and Indian manoeuvres to strike the decisive blow in Balochistan, as it outnumbered and overpowered the brave mujahideen of the Pakistan Army.

Surrender and aftermath

On June 6, 2015, Balochistan became an independent country. Pakistan Army’s loss in the war was owing to the collective effort of India, Israel and the US. It took three countries to counter the mighty Pakistani Army, who despite the result of the war continues to be a shining example for the rest of the world, sustaining a territory that was chopped by half in 2015 as a fortress of Islam. Global conspiracies in 1971 and 2015 might have reduced Pakistan’s territory but thanks to Pakistan Army, the country’s Islamic and patriotic fervour remains as strong as ever.

More on the aftermath of Balochistan’s independence in the following chapter, “How Sindh went the same way.”

Kunwar Khuldune Shahid is a financial journalist and a cultural critic. Email: [email protected], Twitter: @khuldune.


  1. Isn't it about time you start thinking in terms of changing profession. I can assure you don't stand a chance to make a decent living out of writing such worthless crap; grow up!

  2. What an Innocent Joker !!!!!!!!!!!! Pls study Ground realities and then try to deceive already deceived mass by this Raw and Mossad like expired conspiracies. How this Newspaper accepted this irrational ,illusion ed based piece.

  3. zahid bin khalifa

    untill the pakistani peoples are dont know name of baloch they also called him balochi name they dod not know balochi is there langauge its not cast or nation how they can leave together

  4. How cruel you are! See today let it be Pakistan or India needs to come together instead going away and creating unnecessary enmity. Today fictionally you are trying to seed the hatred but tomorrow the Country may reap the hatred but in amplified way. Also there will be a footnote and will say that "at the age of 32 years Kunwar Khuldune Shahid had a dream to make independent "BALOCHISTAN" and gave detail map to the enemies of Pakistan and helped to get his dream converted into reality. This sorts of enemy within the Country always try to destroy Pakistan for their own gain". So not at all agree with your destructive dream and ideas.

  5. Hi,

    I appreciate what you thought, its the reflection of misguidence of a whole society.
    may yhis not happen, but if it turns out to be true, it is going to be crystal clear that the political leaders learned absolutely nothing from history.
    It happened in Bangladesh as leaders defy the mandate and loads of lie has brute forced to innocent children to believe such a thing through pakistan studies.
    personally speaking, if one state fail its collateral damage covers neighbouring states, and here a nation is at stake.
    if people of your nation don’t seek enlightenment and the path of truth rather an ideology, I would like to caution, tougher time ahead…

    God Bless you All

    Best Regards,

  6. Dear Pakistani Writter,

    I was happy to see that you have written for Balochistan,but sorry to say you totally broke the Groud realities of balochistan and you totally hide the Real facts regarding Balochistan ,…..You just showed Pakistani side ,even you didn't mention why Baloch were compeled to had wepons against Pakistan… and How Pakistan forcefully Occupied a Free State in 27th March 1948… and till now how many Baloch were abducted and killed by Pakistani agencies… and still there is a huge Kill and dump policy is going on by the grace of ur state…

    • the take over of balouch and sikh nations by pakistan is well known fact as the freedom was given to the british controlled areas and 565 little states were left to join either pakor indie self made nations.our fight is with the british in the british soil called england where we shall force the justice which had been eluding us for a century i hope we shall make our own freelands as we were both instrumental making india and pakistan possible fighting their unjust wars.

    • It was so easy to occupied , why not Pakistan have occupied Kashmir ?
      Why not India occupied the today Bangladesh ?

      You Morons only Kalalt state refused to be the part of Pakistan because they wanted to be the part of India . Now deny this fact you domestic enemy .

      To whom you are fooling ? It's written in the History .. Anyways kalati people are having tough times from the surrounding tribes .

  7. No one knows the feature. But the readers don’t try to understand what writer want to tell them. He is just letting us know. Simple theory of porkiss tan. Blam on India for what they did & miss guide their own kids

  8. don't know how to react. spirit of article was to awake policymaker and ppl at large but reaction from ppl. is just …….. LOL. I am sorry if I have hurt anybody's feeling by writing this comment.

  9. Chengiz Khan and others – this is a powerful satire and you are commenting without sensing that it is a satire trenchantly critical of the Pakistani establishment.

  10. It is not humor not a sensible piece as well.

    It is a pathetic write up from the writer who only waiting for the disaster to come.

    Why hundreds of thousands of Baloch brothers and sisters living in other parts of country are loyal to Pakistan?

    Why Shahzain and Sarfaraz Bugti are so optimist about the future of Balochistan with Pakistan? Why the Baloch brothers of Lasbella, Hub and Winder are happy and earning their bread?

    Why the millions of Pashtuns of Balochistan did not want independance?

    Why Dr Malik middle class representative party came into power? ( yes offcourse yes, He is not a puppet of establishment).

    Why is it justified to paint the bleak picture of the province to see only 400 to 500 angry Baloch on mountains?

    Do you have the answer Mr writer. Be just, don't be over mad to see the one side of the picture?

    Suhail Yusuf

  11. pakistanis are stupid and they think all others too.. Balochistan will gained independence with help of Baloch People inshallah.

  12. haha but level of satire was not too good…..anyways its a point to ponder for army and administration to null all anti people stances

  13. this thing in fact happened in east pakistan and writer just applied that scenario in balochistan no difference….

  14. Black a.. of a snake .You have forgotten to mention the Baluchistan History .
    Before Independence Baluchistan had 4 states . One of the state was '' KALAT '' .

    At the time of independence , all three states of Baluchistan decided to be the part of Pakistan . The 4th state '' Kalalt '' deny Pakistan existence and announced to be the part of INDIA . So the sardars convinced remaining three states to join the Kalalt movement and also announce to be the part of India . But it was rejected and Namak Haram of Kalat people having no other choice , accepted Pakistan …… Now almost after 60 years , these Kalalti namak Haram are supporting terrorist group and demanding for independence .

    The Honest world is supporting them . These Namak harams have accepted openly the Indian Aid.

    Why the so called freedom Movement is a failure ? Why the Pakistan army won in Sawat fighting against the Munafaqeen taliban Pakistan , even the US is struggling fighting against the same group in Afghanistan ?

    Just Like Before Independence , Today Pak Army is getting support from the remaining three tribes of Baluchistan . So these desire will be wiped out , as they have desired to be the part of India in 1947.

    Similar thing happened in Swat , where local people joined Pak army and defeated the Munafaqeen . Whereas in Afghanistan , the US army have no local support ( as it was imagined by US , that Pak army will have similar fate but they got victory )

    Please Visit Baluchistan and Swat for actual Facts .

  15. Actually Mr. Akbar Bugti was a very good and humble person . He lived his life like a legend . He had so much respect in the eye of people and even the ordinary person can look in to his eyes , can shake his hand and even demand for the justice .
    Mr. Akbar Bugti was so kind that he was against the personal prison cells and had no personal illiterate guards army and all his employees kids were forced to study in school.
    Mr. Akbar Bugti study abroad and he had passion for his own people to gain higher knowledge. So Mr. Akbar Bugti notable achievements are '' Establishment of School , Colleges , Universities , Hospitals , Research and Rehabilitation Centers , Charity Organization '' and forcing government and spending his won wealth for the welfare of the Bughti tribe , which eventually changed the life of baluchi People.

    Seriously ? Really ?

    I think he had secure his place in the basement of hell. sorry

  16. A possible & frightening case scenario. Those who are making fun of the columnist are not realizing the gravity of the situation. I have lived in Baluchistan, Baluchis were my roommates & colleagues in University of Karachi. Recently I watched a documentary produced by Al Jazeera, the so called "freedom fighters" were hiding their faces. My knowledge had difficulty in believing them. I know how Baluchis speak(no disrespect), these guys in disguise were not Baluchis.

  17. ver heard of the "World Baloch Jewish Alliance"? To start, this is not a "Baloch" run group at all. These are people pretending to be Baloch and trying to stir up trouble in the mineral and oil rich region of Balochistan (both in Iran and Pakistan).

  18. Keep it up…Excellent piece…especially i enjoyed the part where you described the meeting Between President Raheel and Indian PM Modi…lols…great…

  19. You KNOW that what your people do in Balochistan is wrong…do you truly have no regrets for what your Punjabi Army did to the Bengalis?

  20. HAHA … AND WHAT A JOKE …. " It took three countries to counter the mighty Pakistani Army "….

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