Resolutions on Molla anger Bengali protesters


Hundreds of demonstrators on Wednesday gathered outside the Pakistan High Commission and demanded the expulsion of its envoy after resolutions were adopted by Pakistan expressing concern over the execution of Jamaat leader Abdul Quader Molla for 1971 war crimes.
The protesters, mainly youngsters and 1971 liberation war veterans, were planning to lay a siege to the embassy as anger mounted all over the country after Mollah was called “a supporter of the undivided Pakistan”.
Molla was executed on Thursday for genocide during the 1971 war against Pakistan hours after the Supreme Court of Bangladesh rejected his review petition.
The National Assembly adopted a resolution, saying, “This House expresses deep concern on hanging of a veteran politician of Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh for supporting Pakistan in 1971.”
Tight security was in place around the Pakistan High Commission complex as several groups marched from Shahbag Square to the building, demanding the expulsion of High Commissioner Afrasiab Mehdi Hashmi.


  1. One man's food is another man's poison. No harm in accepting that. It's all about the point of reference. You look at something from one point, it seems bad, and good from another. Both countries did the right thing.

    • .
      Epitome of the stupidest generalization …
      What kind of a perverted mind would accept an offender's perspective in equal merit with the victims' ???

      • The kind of perverted mind like yours, who calls a person an "offender", because the person has 'offended' you, not because that's what everybody says. A person who seems an "offender" to YOU, is definitely "defending" the party you ideologically oppose.
        Open your mind.

        • I am a journalist and I keep both sides in mind when writing something; not a kid with a PC in his lap going about shitting on everyone's comments.

  2. Qader Molla has been convicted by courts of Bangladesh for murder and rape of several personnel. I find contradictions by the stand taken by foreign office and by the interior Minister on the conviction. Pushing an important matter under the carpet does not solve problems. Humoodur Rehman should have been made public and guilty probed in Pakistan as well. But truth has always been suppressed in Pakstan and that I the reason they lost their Eastern wing and now onhe verge of losing Balochistan and FATA.

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