Afghan presidential candidate pledges accountability


Afghan presidential contender Daud Sultanzoyi has said that he will implement country’s law irrespective of one’s social standing and hold well-off accountable if he wins the upcoming elections.

In an interview with an afghan news agency, the presidential runner chalked out his future plan and policy regarding peace initiative with militants, signing of the vital Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) with the US and other issues pertaining to country’s future.

He promised to introduce tangible reforms in a move to win the favour and support of people and restore their confidence if he won the presidential ballots.

Administrative corruption had paralysed good governance, economic reliance, supremacy of law and the dream of strong democratic institutions, he observed.

Criticising President Hamid Karzai’s rule, he said Afghanistan had lost brilliant chances during the last 13 years to stabilise national institutions. “Administrative corruption has reached ts peak. The government has closed its eyes to resolve people’s problems. Senior and high government officials have spent their times by minting money,” he alleged.

Absence of supremacy of law, administrative corruption and insecurity were among major problems, which forced people to stay away from building the nation and the country, he added.

He said there was huge trust deficit and gap between the government and people and the latter were not ready to trust the former anymore.

Growing injustices and lawlessness forced him to contest the presidential elections in larger interest of the people of the country, he remarked. He explained his future plans with regard of good governance, security, economic policy, education, higher education and foreign policy.

If he succeeds in the polls, he will start implementing law of the land on himself and then on everyone irrespective while the rich people will be held accountable as how they accumulated the wealth, he promised. “We will question wealthy people how they amassed such a huge amount of money. We will hold accountable officials from high to lower ranks. We will build close coordination among various institutions,” he added.

His government would primarily believe in punishment and reward in larger interests of the country and nation, he added.

In the backdrop of Bonn Conference held in 2001, some government departments possessed immense power or were empowered, which was among one of the reasons contributing to the current state of lawlessness.

Power sharing balance would be maintained among all state institutions to run the affairs of the government smoothly, he said, adding unequal power and authority lead the country to witness chaos and uncertainty. He said the Afghans were disappointed because of the ill performance of government institutions amid growing injustice who said people had comparatively more soft corner for militants.

In some instances, he said government’s spending on security was unnecessary who promised to invest more on social security and people would be persuaded to back and support their security forces.