Peace dialogue to be taken forward: Federal Cabinet


The Federal Cabinet on Monday decided to honour the decisions taken by the All Parties Conference (APC) and carry forward the peace dialogue without letting this process derailed.
“Pakistan has the right to take its decisions on its own according to its interests,” Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said while addressing a special meeting of the cabinet.
“If there cannot be cooperated with the process we have initiated to end terrorism by leaving the path of revenge, it should at least not be damaged”, he remarked.
The prime minister said the continuation of an unfortunate and condemnable practice of the drone attacks manifested that Pakistan’s view point for the permanent elimination of terrorism and the establishment of durable peace was not understood.
The recent APC depicted that the entire political and military leadership as well as the people, media and civil society wanted to resolve the issue of terrorism through serious and meaningful dialogue, he said, adding, the whole international community also wanted the elimination of bloodshed.
Nawaz said Pakistan has paid the highest price of terrorism, rendering unmatchable sacrifices. “We are fully alive to the severity of the issue, but we should be let to address our problems according to our own strategy”, he maintained.
The PM recalled his recent statement, in which he revealed the start of peace dialogue, adding, “The ice was melting and contacts had been established from both the sides.”
“Amidst this scenario, the drone strike inflicted serious damage to the government’s efforts for dialogue and peace”, the PM remarked. He, however, expressed his confidence, saying, “we will not let the efforts for dialogue and peace to be derailed.”
The cabinet reiterated government’s stance that drone strikes were not acceptable anyway and that was totally against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan. The Cabinet said that all out efforts should be made to end drone strikes.
“The international community, keeping in view the determination and unprecedented sacrifices of the people of Pakistan, is bound to support these initiatives and provide every possible backing to bring
peace,” the cabinet maintained.
The cabinet asserted that the government would not allow any internal and external force to sabotage this process.
Nawaz directed interior minister to complete liaison and consultative process with political leadership on the situation emerged out after the drone strike and to make future strategy during the National Assembly session and report to Nawaz.