PM to raise drone strikes issue with US leadership: FO




Foreign Office spokesman Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry has said the prime minister would raise the issue of drone strikes with the US leadership.

The spokesman said these strikes were sheer violation of our sovereignty‚ as well as international laws.

He said innocent civilians were being killed in these strikes, adding that UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and Human Rights Commission had also endorsed Pakistan’s stance on drone strikes.

Chaudhry reiterated that US missile strikes in Tribal Areas were a violation of international laws and counterproductive in combating terrorism and militancy.

He said the London-based Amnesty International (AI) issued its latest report on UnitedState’s missile strikes inside Pakistani territory, stating that the attacks were resulting in civilian deaths as well.

Reacting on the AI assessment, Chaudhry said it supported Pakistan’s point of view.

“The missile strikes are causing deaths of civilians in Pakistan. They are counterproductive and against international laws… We have been recording our protest after every such incident in Pakistan. Our political leadership has also taken up this issue on every forum, and now the Amnesty International is highlighting the same points which we have already been raising as our stance,” the FO spokesman said.



  1. The missile strikes are causing death of civilian in is increasing hate aomng two countries people .it is counter productive .It is violatopn of International laws

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