Maulana Tariq Jamil escapes assassination bid


Two gunmen opened fire on Maulana Tariq Jamil’s car late on Monday, a private TV channel reported.
Reports suggest that he was on his way to Faisalabad when his car was fired at. The gunmen fled after the incident.
Jamil is a well-known Deobandi preacher whose religious activities took root in Raiwind. He was one of the few hundred scholars to participate in an Ijtima which was held in Gilgit recently. He had been invited there by Shia clerics in a move clearly intended to reflect tolerance at some level.


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      • You are right. They should use the language they are familiar with. It is impossible to understand their gibberish. I am sure they are very happy to see their names.

  1. Suar ki aulad tera baap , shoeb alam
    Zara soch samaj kr baat karo bhai
    Allah apko hidayat ata farmaye

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