PTI to stage countrywide protests if poll rigging not probed: Khan


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday said his party would take to the streets if their demand of investigation of the rigging in the May 11 elections through thumbprint verification was not met.

Addressing party workers in PP-148, Khan said after acceptance of his application by the election tribunal in the National Assembly constituency NA-122, the winning candidate Ayaz Sadiq, now the NA speaker, had obtained a stay order.

“Why is Ayaz Sadiq hiding behind the stay order if he has won the election through free and fair mean?” Imran asked.

He said the Supreme Court should not to limit itself to four constituencies and investigation should be carried out through fingerprint verification. He said if the PTI was proved wrong after the investigation, it will accept its defeat.

He asked how was it possible that 8,000 votes were polled at a polling station where the number of registered voters was only 1,500.

The PTI chief said the party would continue to raise its voice for its rights and if its demands were not met, then a countrywide protest movement would be launched.

“Those rulers who came to power through corruption cannot end corruption,” Khan said.


  1. Imran khan deserves our support. It is very important for democracy to succeed, the voting and counting process is clean and accurate. If it was not for vote rigging, Imran khan would be the prime minister.

      • There's a difference between being defeated and cheated! Since Imran Khan's ideology is based on transforming Pakistan in to a country where justice prevails, waiting till the elections in 2018 is clearly not an option. Justice must be demanded at the right time because justice delayed is justice denied.

  2. PTI is playing a very dirty and rubbish politics in the country. Imran Khan is misusing the public to a wrong place.He must know Pakistan is surrounded by many internal and external problems,but he is behaving like an disobedient child.In other words,he is challenging the government writ and is exploiting his workers for anti-state activities and is threatening to the legitimate and elected government of Pakistan. He should attend the courts,if there are some cases of rigging and not provoke the innocence generation of the nation to fulfill his wrong designs through rubbish behaviors.The Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan must take SUO MOTU ACTION.

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