Malik for ‘copy-pasting’ Punjab’s peace formula in Balochistan


Balochistan CM seeks Sharif brothers help to end sectarian violence in Balochistan‏

Impressed by the relative peacefulness of big brother Punjab, Balochistan Chief Minister Dr Abdul Baloch on Sunday sought the ‘peace formula’ used by the Sharif brothers in the province to solve the unrest issue in Balochistan.

The Balochistan CM has requested Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to extend their cooperation in bringing peace in Quetta.

According to sources, Baloch said, “Tell me the peace formula you applied in Punjab, so that I can for Balochistan.”

During a meeting, Baloch discussed the worsening law and order in Balochistan with Nawaz and sought ways to restore peace in the military-hit province.

“If you cannot curtail the issue altogether, help us to reduce the incidents of sectarian violence,” Baloch requested the PM.

It was reported that the PM remained silent when Baloch asked him for the ‘peace formula’ which has been applied in Punjab.

During a recent session of the Balochistan Assembly, Baloch had said, “We will hold dialogue with all militant groups, including sectarian and Baloch nationalist groups.”

The provincial government appears to be helpless in tackling the growing threat of terrorist incidents.