Man kills stepmother for honour



A man on Wednesday killed his stepmother for honour in Mard Mari, Harbanspura.

According to details, a young boy named 18-year-old Waris opened fire on his stepmother Abida. She was shifted to a hospital in critical condition but she lost her life due to heavy blood loss.

Report said that Tariq, father of Waris, married two women and was living in the same house.

After the incident Waris surrendered to the police and confessed to his crime. Waris said he tried his best to stop his stepmother from meeting strangers, but she did not stop. He said that he saw a stranger with his stepmother last night.

Police registered an FIR against Waris on the request of Abida’s brother and took him into custody for further investigation.


Unidentified men robbed a shopkeeper of Rs 200,000 in Shalimar on Wednesday.

The robbers took the shopkeeper on gunpoint after barging in his grocery store. While the robbers were on their way out, the shopkeeper fired at one of the robbers with his gun. However, the robbers managed to escape.

The concerned Superintendent of Police has said that they have got the CCTV footage of the incident and they will arrest the robbers very soon.