Marriage dispute: 6 of a family shot dead in Depalpur


Six members of the same family were gunned down over a marriage dispute in Depalpur early on Tuesday.

According to the local police, Tahir Sarwar, a resident of Lalewala area of Hujra, Shah Muqeem got married to Shahnaz Bibi five years ago.

The girl’s family was against their marriage. They entered the house of Zahid Sarwar on Monday night and opened fire, killing 22-year-old Zahid Sarwar, 25-year-old Tahir, his wife Shahnaz Bibi, 2-year-old Arish Tahir, 9-month-old Adnan Tahir and a guest Hamza Nawaz.

Police have shifted the dead bodies to Tehsil Headquarters Hospital for autopsy.


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    It took only hours (or less maybe) to know all about this crime …
    So, how long will it take to dole out the criminal justice (or will it ever happen) ???

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