PM for relaxing ‘regulatory regimes’ for easy TV broadcast





Primer Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday said regulatory regimes needed to be softened for facilitating media outlets of both Pakistan and India to reach maximum viewers.

While talking to Subhash Chandra, the Zee TV CEO at PM’s House, he urged for facilitation and relaxation of laws so that Pakistani channels could be effortlessly viewed in India.

The prime minister highlighted the role of media in bringing the people of India and Pakistan closer and said it could help in achieving the shared goal of peaceful and friendly relations between the two neighbouring countries.

Pakistan and India, said the prime minister, possessed rich cultural and traditional heritage that was shared by many on both sides of the divide.

The prime minister said media was the most effective tool for shaping perceptions and could be effectively utilised to play its role. He emphasised the role of TV broadcast in the field of education and said a dedicated “Education TV” could play the role of imparting knowledge to millions in developing countries.

Nawaz hoped that the media on both sides would play its role more sensibly to bring people of the two countries closer, so that the focus was shifted towards peace, economic prosperity and well being.

Thanking the prime minister for the hospitality and warm reception, Subhash Chandra said he would play his role to enable the two neighbouring countries to achieve the common objectives of peace and stability.