Lal Masjid Operation: Court directs police to book Musharraf


Former president Pervez Musharraf, who is already facing trial in three high-profile cases, may face two another murder cases, those of former Lal Masjid cleric Ghazi Abdur Rasheed and his mother, as the Islamabad High Court on Friday directed the Islamabad Police to register an FIR if there was cognisable offence.

Justice Noorul Haq N Qureshi resumed hearing into the case filed by Haroon Rahseed, son of Ghazi Abdul Rasheed.

In the petition, Haroon requested the court to direct the police to register an FIR against the former president on the charges of killing his father and grandmother.

The IHC ordered the police to record Haroon’s statement and register the FIR per law “if there may be a cognisable offence”. Besides other cases, Musharraf is already facing two murder cases – those of Akbar Bugti and Benazir Bhutto.

Musharraf’s counsel, Ilyas Siddiqui argued that there was no evidence that Musharraf had ordered the Lal Masjid operation and “if the petitioner has such evidence, he may produce it before the court”.

The petitioner did not cite the then cabinet, federal ministers and prime minister as respondents.

“The Lal Masjid operation was carried out with the approval of the cabinet and if Musharraf had done anything wrong, parliament of that time could have impeached him under Article 47,” Musharraf’s counsel further argued.

The petitioner, Haroon through his counsel Tariq Asad, argued his father Ghazi Abdul Rasheed and grandmother Sahiba had been killed in the military operation having been ordered by the former president.

The Abpara station house officer refused to register the FIR despite repeated requests. The petitioner further argued that according to the report of the Lal Masjid commission, the operation was carried out at the directives of Musharraf.

The petitioner contended before the court that his application under Section 22-A for registration of the FIR was dismissed by an additional session judge.

The petitioner prayed to the court to order the Abpara SHO to register the FIR. After issuing the order, the case was disposed of.


  1. If the same logic is applied then there should be thousands of cases registered against the judges who released criminals and murderers who went out and killed more people. Indericly, they were responsible for the killings because they released them from jail.

  2. The General (I don't care if he is retired or not) is a hero. He saved Pakistan only to see those who followed him, throw the gains all away.

  3. What logic. If Lal masjid Operation was wrong how come SWAT operation was right? Secondly, this happens to be dishonest reporting; the judge has directed the police to register a case of there was cognisable offence. Misleading headlines again.

    • Swat operation was another crime of Pakistan army to dump arms and ammunition in this valley and then could make orders for other consignments.they just took it as exercise mission on poor swatis.If there would have strong civilian govt all who planted this war should be court martial but as they have self made system of justice so they pick and punish the person on their own basis.e.g

      Commander Peshawar Corps

      In July 2007, Lt Gen Masood Aslam took charge of the sensitive post of Corps Commander Peshawar, replacing Lt Gen Muhammad Hamid Khan. This was period when Pakistan Army launched military operation against the vigilantes of Lal Masjid in Islamabad that followed with a rising trend of terrorist attacks throughout Pakistan, mostly emanating from the rugged lands of Waziristan and the surrounding tribal regions. A counter-terrorist operation was then launched under the general which included 2007 Taliban Waziristan offensive, Battle of Mir Ali, and Battle of Swat.

      He has to his credit pushing out and defeating the militants in Swat, Buner, Dir Lower and other districts of Malakand Division and inflicting heavy blows against the TTP cadres in Bajaur, Mohmand and Khyber tribal agencies and Frontier Region (FR) Bannu. Lt General Masood Aslam was given an extension in his tenure as he was supposed to retire in October 2009.
      Affectee of Rawalpindi Parade Lane mosque attack

      On 4 December 2009, Hashim Masood Aslam, the student of EME College Rawalpindi and the only son of Lt Gen Masood Aslam was killed during the December 2009 Rawalpindi attack in Parade Lane Mosque during Friday prayers.

  4. So Cobray our generals have been used to of mass murders/destruction and Musharf and kiyani are among them.We just need a civilian will to put them under dont be afraid as this kind of civilian will is completely absent in our side even so called daring Imran has no courage to at least raise voice against them.

    • You are a PTI supporter,we all know that you hate the army,the previous and the present government,heck you hate everyone,you are just a hateful person,we all know that.You are still morning PTI defeat with your 2nd grade english and brain dead ideas.Stop feeding us your uneducated nonsense and hate.

  5. General overestimated his support & underestimated his enemies. I fear a tragic outcome of all these events. It will be a surprise if comes out alive. He had a better chance of walking out alive had he entered the den of cobras.

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