BBC digs deep into Altaf Hussain’s antics


Even though Karachi’s strongest political party is in a state of denial, the British media has launched a frontal attack on the party known for its strong-arm tactics in Pakistan by revealing that Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) self-exiled chief Altaf Hussain is being questioned for money laundering worth at least £400,000 as well as his role in inciting violence in his home country.

The revelations were part of a documentary prepared by BBC programme NewsNight on the MQM and included footage of Hussain making violent statements.

As if the BBC documentary wasn’t enough, the British government has also confirmed to BBC the existence of a letter from Hussain to then prime minister Tony Blair in which the controversial MQM leader promised to help counter terrorism in Pakistan, and suggested disbanding the country’s premier spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). The confirmation, previously denied by the Downing Street, was revealed via a Freedom of Information request by the BBC.




The BBC NewsNight footage also gave an outline of the death of assassinated party leader Dr Imran Farooq, as well as interviews with a former MQM leader, a policeman accusing the party of murder, and the party’s Deputy Convener Farooq Sattar.

Starting the show with a clip showing Altaf saying, “We will prepare your body bags,” NewsNight host Jeremy Paxman posed the question: “Supposing if it (Britain) was offering sanctuary to an organisation that was using Britain as a base from which to threaten and persecute others?”

He described MQM as “one of the most-feared political organisations in Pakistan”, adding that Hussain was accused of 30 murders.

The programme then showed the MQM chief’s house, with reporter Owen Bennett Jones pointing out that a police raid had taken place there earlier in connection with the Imran Farooq murder. Describing Hussain, he said “he exerts total control over his party” from London.




According to NewsNight, “The police found hundreds of thousands of pounds of unaccounted for cash and that led to a money laundering investigation.” The Metropolitan Police are also investigating “Whether he’s using his London base to incite violence in Pakistan,” and whether his speeches are a breach of the law, the report said.

According to a London-based terrorism barrister named Ali Naseem Bajwa, who was interviewed by BBC Two for the documentary, Hussain’s speeches are potentially a “terrorism offence” – The use of threat of force, made for a political cause, designed to influence the government “all seem to be made out” in the MQM’s chief’s case according to the barrister.

NewsNight then shows senior MQM leader Farooq Sattar saying, “I categorically deny and refute that Altaf Hussain would have ever said what you are saying,” after the reporter asks him about the MQM chief’s violent language.

At the same time, the BBC programme shows Sattar sitting in the audience while Hussain speaks “about tearing open abdomens”.

The programme also showed an interview with an ex-MQM member, who was, according to them, the only former party member who was willing to talk.

The ex-member, Naim Ahmed appeared openly and said, “They are not a peaceful party, they are a militant group, they are like a bunch of mafias …. They are an ideal party for violence.” Describing how he would question neighbourhood youth who would commit acts of violence in the name of MQM, Ahmed said “They directly said, ‘we got our order from London’.”




Sattar admitted that London police had seized some amount of money during the raids at Hussain’s house and office but said he wasn’t aware of the exact amount.

Denying that MQM was involved in money laundering, Sattar alleged the BBC’s documentary on Altaf was influenced by “pro-Taliban elements”.

“By making such a documentary the BBC seems to be influenced by pro-Taliban forces,” said the MQM’s deputy convenor who appeared defensive against Paxman’s relentless scrutiny.

“It’s just because of a malicious propaganda and a media trail going on against a secular and working class party.”




Meanwhile, the British government confirmed the existence of a letter from Altaf to Tony Blair in which he had suggested disbanding the ISI.

The letter, sent in September 2001 and signed by Hussain, offered help against al Qaeda in return for “participation in governing the province of Sindh and in disbanding the ISI”.

Hussain pressed for help disbanding the ISI, warning that the agency would “continue to produce many Osama bin Ladens and Taliban in future”. He offered to provide “unlimited human resources throughout the towns and villages in the province of Sindh and the province of Punjab to some extent, to monitor the activities of fundamentalists and Taliban-led organisations, and also to monitor the activities of madrassas” in return.

“The Prime Minister’s Office received a letter from Mr Altaf Hussain which was passed to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) for a response,” the Cabinet Office confirmed to the BBC. The government said that Hussain’s letter was not replied to.

In May, police confirmed they were investigating remarks allegedly made by Hussain following the conclusion of the Pakistani general election, in which he allegedly threatened violence against protesters in Karachi.


  1. The days are over now for Altaf Hussain the MQM Millitants Mafia Chief, all his crocadile tears , topi dramas, conspiracy theories will not help him anymore, his dirty politics is going to end very soon. Prosecute him and give capital punishment for this bloody criminial mastermind.

  2. Eliciting the support of foreign governments against state institutions are worst examples of high-treason. But the politicians and their principals get away with it. Hussain Haqqani invited American establishment to cut Pakistan’s military and ISI to size and Altaf Hussain asked his British masters to disband ISI. Then the contents of Abbottabad Commission Report were deliberately leaked to focus the criticism on ISI which is not the only intelligence outfit of the country. The entire diatribe against Pakistan establishment proves one sad and one very comforting fact; the sad part is that Pakistan’s ISI is a lone ranger who is not only fighting the external enemies, it has now to fight the internal elements who, in one way or the other have some connection with foreign elements. The comforting fact is that Pakistani establishment is doing its job diligently frustrating all the designs of Pakistan's enemies, both external and internal. Read more at:

    • But it was the Pakistani Establishment under Zia, who created the monster of this ethnic based MQM. The British than gave him sanctuary, because it served their interest. Now it seems he has crossed some red lines there and they have gone for him. The British raised this Frankenstein and nurtured him as long as it suited them, but what purpose did he serve the Pakistani Khaki establishment and their concocted version of national interest by raising this Hate Monger, who killed thousands of Pakistanis, ran torture and extortion cells for decades.

  3. If conspiring against the very country whose govt you have been part of isn't treason then I don't what is. altaf hussain has a lot of explaining to do. He has been caught in so many lies thats its not even funny any more. ISI should kidnap him and bring him back to Pakistan and add his name to the missing person's list. By the time kana judges takes notice, altaf will have lost so much weight that nobody would recognize him. His punishment should be to make him live in Karachi and not let him have any security. Lets see how many weeks, days, hours or minutes he lasts. And publish his adress in the newspapers. By the way, Jehan Ara is correct in her obveservations 🙂

      • altaf has and his mafia have been part of every govt. for the last 25 years. zardari supported mqm because he needed them so ppp can stay in power. We all know what kind of person zardari is so it does not surprise me that he supported altaf and his killing machine in Karachi. Without mqm, Karachi could once again be the peaceful and prosperous city it once was. Altaf's days are numbered. The only question is how will they find his neck to tie the rope.

  4. The MQM are a terrorist organisation but the Urdu Speakers have every right to be in Pakistan. By your stupid logic the father of the nation wouldn`t be allowed to be in the country he created.

    • The Urdu speaking population of Pakistan are Pakistani. It is that simple.
      The MQM has made political capital out of divide and rule. Us vs, Them. The result has been the destruction of Karachi.

  5. Everyone in Pakistani Media knows very well that Altaf Hussain is Terrorist Mastermind, why is the media so scared to write about Altaf Hussain. This time British Media and Scotland Yard will not let him go easily. He will be arrested and get the toughest punishment.

  6. MQM is a linguistic based terrorist organization. We allowed these Muhajirs to come to Pakistan because we had mercy on them. They were being abused by their hindu masters. Instead of being grateful, they came here and started terrorizing the local people. They follow their head hancho blindly and believe every word he says. He is living in London safely but his stupid followers are killing and being killed every day. Maybe they should all be put on a boat and sent to Bangladesh. Altaf's time has come. He is a killer and he will pay for his crimes sooner or later. Sooner the better.

    • There is no public support for Altaf Hussain in Karachi now. Urdu Speaking People hates Altaf Hussain, they don't want a Terrorist Mafia Leader.

    • Those who migrated to Pakistan, because they believed in it were all good people and had every right to be here. There were many scums amongst those living in Muslim Minority areas such as Azad etc and within Pakistan such as the Bhurgris and Sikandar Hayats etc, who opposed creation of Pakistan and were loyal to either the Raj or Congress.

    • I consider it down right ignorant and shameful for anyone to call anyone names,WE didn't allow anything,people migrated to Pakistan and left Pakistan during when Indo-Pak split.How dare you and anyone else claim to be bigger or better Pakistanis.Every muslim,every hindu,every christian,every Ahmedi or any other faith that lives in Pakistan as of 1947 is and always will be a Pakistani till the time they dies,accept it,deal with it you hateful sorry excuse for a human.As for Altaf Hussain,for he has done,for what he stands for,I hope they hang him,I agree that much with you.My advise to you,Get a clue JahilAra

    • This guy is obviously an Indian Troll. Let us not be divided. Urdu speaking or sindhi, punjabi whatever. We are one and everyone who has a green passport is an equal pakistani. except Altaf.

    • Who allowed Muhajirs to come to Pakistan?????????????????
      We made Pakistan….Quaid Azam was a Muhajir as well…

      • Quaid Azam did not do it alone,thousands sacrificed with their blood and lives,if you want to get technical,Quaid and his sister didn't even speak urdu,during the largest migration in the history of mankind were hindus,sikh,christian,muslim and so on,muhajir did not mean only urdu speaking,it meant whoever wanted to be a part of Pakistan packed up and joined the millions and went across.Quaid said it himself,I'm not a Punjabi,a sindhi or balochi,I'm a Pakistani,we are all Pakistani first regardless of our beliefs and what part of the country we are from

      • Who says that Quaid Aazam was a Mohajir; in fact Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born to Ismaili family in a village (now a small town in Thatta district) called Jherruck; go into this village and people will tell you the real story of his birthplace; it is being said that Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born in Karachi, is baseless; read the text books of early 60s and 70s; which reads Muhammad Ali Jinnah was bron in a village Jherruck.

    • MQM was created by Biharis who were urdu speaking & who came to Pakistan from Bangla Desh after they were persecuted by Mukti Bahani,.as biharis were dominating bengalis in many Govt organizations

  7. He should be hanged till death. Underworld Mafia Mastermind (Bhai). His only business and skills are tp threten people, Kill them, Grab Their Lands and money and target those shops and burn them who refused to pay Bhatta.

  8. The British have used and abused him and now he is going to be thrown onto the dung heap to rot for all his sins…..

  9. .
    Wanted to see the BBC report first hand …
    Here it is: ""
    And a follow-up: "" and this: ""
    The Journalist is "Owen Bennett-Jones" …
    Good to know the Journalist (appeared to show some bias, manipulative and tries to put words in others' mouth — typical Brit) …
    "BBC's press office Biography" of him is missing (404 error): "" …

    • @ Anon, Thanks for providing links.Many will know that what BBC said was an untold story here in Pakistan. Look at Dr.Farooq Sattar, he was so confused that no words were comming out from this out-spoken leader from MQM.

  10. Majority of Pakistanis,Media Persons,Judges,Politicians,Army,ISI Knows about MQM That they are killer ,bhata khor .Its nothing new in this.
    Now it's time to caught the ''Chela of Dajjal" Mr.Altaf.

    • They all are afraid that, their dead body will be found in gunny bags,next day if says anything against this Mafia Gang.So they are silent spectators. This society will not remain in to existance for too long, if prevailing situation remains same.

  11. BBC awakened after 20years. So can we ask one of developed and democratic nation of the world that why was Altaf Hussein being allowed to mastermind terrorist operations in Pakistan from London in full view of the authorities? And why was he awarded British citizenship even having same allegations when he was landed there or settling there by running one of biggest mafia gang of Pakistan.It simply proves that the civility of British lawmakers only lie within the boundary of British kingdom and their hostility omit for so called Muslim terrorist found in poor nations.Altaf Hussian and General Musharraf like runaways having clear track record of crime against humanity are welcomed there just they brought a huge sum of black and illegal money in their bank accounts.This is same UK govt that in first call joined hands with US army to attack on Afghanistan and Pakistani territory in search of international terrorist Osama Bin laden but take no second thought to become first shield for the scared soul of Altaf hussian under whom the peace of Karachi showing deteriorating trend bringing all time fear factors of kidnapping,Bhatta, target killing etc.. in the city of 10 millions.So simple to understand the real core of philosophy of international terrorism that terrorists get breeding grounds in third world countries as a result the mafia leaders having full support and protection of so called civilized world.

    • Good post, but thought you were a bit smarter, the reason West allows these theives & robbers into so called 1st world countries is because they bring their loot with them. It goes out in the name of foreign aid & finds its way back to origin via corrupt politicians. Altaf should be sent back to Pakistan immediately & face the music for the amount of people killed upon his instructions.

      • so you are trying to say that west allows extortion money from third world by raising Dons in their set up.then why they are exposing him like that .have they got his replacement in the form of Musharraf or Imran khan. You should think beyond what is trying to show us by western media that why for same motives they are now rejecting him

  12. Altaf should be deported from england and he must face trial in pakistan for money laundering and killings in pakistan

  13. Thanks to BBC, Altafs doings are known to everyone but no one in Pakistan dare to accuse him. How can we cope with Taliban the extremist, if we have political parties gone wild and ferocious to humanity.

  14. MQM should be banned, its certainly a terrorist organization and Altaf Hussain the biggest mafia thug of our times. Get rid of them, put them in jail for life!

  15. Altar Hussain is so huge and immensely precious asset for the western countries at this moment when they are engaged in a war across Afghanistan that it will be foolishness on part of Pakistanis to think tht UK and US will him be passed over when he is such a big assets for them. Also don’t forget he is a English citizens so even if he put on trial it will be in UK and not Pakistan

    • OBL was Citizen of KSA but he was killed in Pakistan by United States Navy SEALs, Any terrorist do not have any Nationality, thye are foe of humans ,so UK Citizenship will not save hom.Wait for proper time to see fate of this British Agent.(0014)

  16. We appreciate BBC team who unveils a terrorist Altaf and his so called party killer of innocents MQM

  17. better late then never ,lets hope the met police charge altaf hussain,he then gets convicted by the jury and then a very long sentence from the judge to make an example out of this evil man who has had so many people killed !!!!! lets hope he dies in prison on a toilet seat just like his so called ahmadi prophet

  18. MQM folks should not forget that the matter is in the hands of London Police. They can't intimidate the authorities there, or threat to halt the life as they frequently do in Karachi. Press there is also not as coward as in Pakistan.
    They better do some brainstorming to prepare themselves for post-Altaf situation, if they want to avoid one hundred plus splinter groups in MQM.

  19. We Sindhis have been saying that MQM is a terrorist organization, since it had been formed by military establishment in the early 1980s with the sole purpose to use it against Sindh & SIndhi. But no one was listening to us. Soon after the formation of MQM, they made Sindhis and urdu speaking to fight each other so that the distance between these two linguistics groups could be created and they could not struggle for the rights and protection of Sindh together. Since then MQM has been doing terrorism in Pakistan, particularly in the big cities of Sindh including Karachi, Hyderabad, Shaheed Benazirabad, Sukkur and Meer pur khas etc.
    Now, its eye opener for all those factors that formed MQM and helped it to strengthen at a level where it can even attack to its pioneers by inviting others to disband Pakistani spy agency.
    I am still not sure that MQM will be put into the court by asking it about its involvement into terrorism, killing of thousands of innocent people of Sindh and Pakistan etc because they all know about it since its inception. They had solid proofs about MQM that its survival is on terrorism, killing of people and on spreading terror, then why they had been asked today. Even media is able to talk today. BBC could make almost 20 mints long documentary revealing terrorist actions of MQM today etc. Let us see that all these proofs are enough to make action against MQM or British, International Community and Pakistani State still need more proof that lead them to declare MQM as a terrorist organization and ban its operation across the world including UK, South Africa, UAE and Pakistan.

  20. british govt should take action against altaf he is murder of manay sindhi speaking people in karachi in violence of 1990

  21. British are not trustworthy. History proves this fact. I am not defending Altaf Hussain but am sure there is some sinister game being played by the British government. They have something up their sleeves and we must be cautious. I repeat, the keyword is CAUTION.

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  23. He is a main problem every where and he know's, put him behind the bars for life. What ever you done Altaf Hussian now you have to pay. You will die in Prison yes you will.

  24. The real question is why did it take them so long to realise a terrorist was living in their midst? This suggests the British government was complicit in the mission to destroy life in Karachi. Now that the cat is out of the bag and in the public eye, they are compelled to take action against him. Better late than never, though there are more like him.

  25. BBC doing a good jab not for his own country but also help the under carrieses countr pakistan -the majoriety of people living in uk to suport the british police action against altaf hussain. Mr janjua manchester.

  26. Great Britain will handle Altaf Hussain cases thoroughly and no way will be maltreated Justice prevails here in UK and no one is above the law. Altaf Hussain done enough damage and murders directly or ordered to kill must pay the price and no way he can run away. His conviction and punishments are on the card just matter of days his party favorites will also know that playing with the words and denials will not take him out of the clutches of the law.

  27. Well slowly but surely the law is taking its course and the circle around Mr. Altaf Hussain (commonly known as Bhai in Pak) is being narrowed. MQM is primarily a linguistic based terrorist Political Party/ Organization in Karachi (metropolitan/ port city of Pak). They claim to be a political party of peace and harmony but their deeds contradict their words. MQM is responsible for innocent blood shed of thousands of people in Karachi. . Agreed, MQM is not responsible for entire killings in Karachi but the major chunk (75% approx) goes to MQM share. . . They are basically the initiators of innocent/ cold blooded killings in Karachi. Mr. Altaf Hussain claims that his party is being run on charities, but people in Karachi are well aware that this party is being run/ financed through extortion and kidnappings money. It is that political party of Pakistan which can not take criticism, anyone who dares to criticize the party shorty starts receiving anonymous life threatening mails. Its about time that British Govt should take serious notice of Bhai's recent involvement in money laundering case and the political speeches which he lately delivered from the British soil which triggered a lot of hatred amongst the hearts of majority of Pakistani (could have resulted in violent clashes between political worker of MQM and PTI)people. Seemz this is the Beginning of an End of Another Tyrant Political Leader ! ! !

  28. mqm is a terrorist organisation they killed thousands of innocent people they are more worst and dangerous than taliban…….i hope this time they should get what they did……

  29. British government should be criticised its role. How they were unaware of this man? British Government took easy that matter in the past. They should take all steps according to their law.

  30. What pains my heart is that nobody from MQM offered financial support to the widow Shumaila for her living atleast after the drama videod by the crying compassionate Altaf Husain following the murder of shahid Imran farooq. The reality of the words narrated by Mr. Najam Sethi regarding the poverty at the doorsteps of Shumaila, has convinced me enough to realize that MQM chief had bias and prejudice against Imran Farook. The words of compassion sent to Pakistan on every single incident by him is just he wants to keep himself alive into news and the media otherwise it is all crocodile tears. Have you ever seen a Cobra sitting on the heap of gold and diamonds and drinking milk.

  31. altaf's obese face is matched only his disgusting morals or morevaccurately lack of them. it is shocking that a country can revere the likes of him and zardari

  32. Why Ch. Nisar Ali Khan is silent on this issue, he should take immediate action against the MQM mafia leader Altaf Hussain.

  33. well what can i say as every body knows past 20 years mqm they controlled all of our country economy (karachi) by their terrorist act and ordinary people can,t do any thing agains them becouse nobody want to die every body want to live but how long enough is enough now time has come we have to be togather and tell those bastered that nobody can fight with law abiding citizen ..i m also a victim of mqm living an exile life…

  34. It was the MQM which forced a reputed Courier company owner to flee, after a sting operation in which the IB recorded their blackmailing the guy, demanding $1million as Extortion money, during the days of Mush. The owner fled when instructions were issued from Isloo and Gov House in Karachi to release the Bhatta collectors. The recording must be available, if not destroyed on orders of Mush.

  35. Dear All ,

    You Know " Bhukney waley dogs kabhi Kattey nahi hay So please bhukna bund karo sub Kuch nahi huga Altaf bhai ko ye sub Media ka topi darama hay

  36. Still im not believe what England govt doing with him or its a big great game to break again pakistan, be careful

  37. I wonder there is no strike call from MQM now a days. also Altaf Hussain is not delivering any telephonic sermon in the holy month of ramdhan.

  38. MQM will soon be tattered The leader is in trouble as far the reports from BBC and other show. There is always a time for any tyrant He was been doing lot of damage to the Karachi people and also to others Killing of humans is never justified no matter what objectives one can think off Its same what is going to be the end result against Altaf Hussain in UK UK Police is not politicized and media can not be deterred by anyone Law and justice do prevail in UK

  39. As long as Altaf does not come back to Pakistan,people of Pakistan have no interest in his money he has robbed ' All we are interested to see the justice in English court and he should be punished according to how many murders he has ordered and how he got such a huge money in London ??

  40. If this British national has any threat in England, why does he not come back to Pakistan? If Altaf Hussain is not satisfied with British Police, why do MQM make processions in Pakistan. Why not they do so in England? Why punishment is given to public of Karachi through road blockage in entire city. By the way One more drama by MQM. They do a drama regularly every month. Altaf Hussain will reap the crop sowed by him.

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