Tahir Naveed quits Bhatti’s APMA


The All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA) founded by the late Shahbaz Bhatti suffered a major setback after a senior Christian leader announced his decision to leave the religious alliance citing serious differences with the central leadership, Pakistan Today learnt on Friday.

Tahir Naveed Chaudhry advocate, a former member of the Punjab Assembly on a Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) seat, told Pakistan Today that he and his supporters had decided to quit APMA in protest against its chairman Dr Paul Bhatti’s inability to pursue the cause of his late brother, former minorities affairs minister Shahbaz Bhatti, and for neglecting the interests of the minorities, especially the country’s Christian community.

Tahir Naveed said that he and several other party leaders had decided to take forward Shahbaz Bhatti’s cause in letter and spirit, adding that the new group would announce its future strategy in the coming days.


  1. We will continue our struggle to complete the mission in true sense of the idiology of CLF/APMA as visioned by Martyr Shahbaz Bhatti without oppertunist of APMA, Cheaters,Backbioters,Legpullers,Bypassers and Seatseekers till success or martyrdom. Our vision is our Destination AWAMI JAMURIA PAKISTAN. Our aims and objectives are Equality in Humanity, Unity in Christianity, Defending the Faith in Christ,Religious Freedom, Raise the Voice for voiceless religious minorities and Women in Pakistan. Our working is on Suffering,Deprived,Un-developing Settlements, Deserving, Victim, Persecuted and facing religious discrimination in every walk of life.Our struggle is repel the all blasphemy,draconion,black and discriminatory Laws, Change the hated environment against Minorities for Equal and Similar Rights. Religious Freedom Fighter Khalid Gill Quaid-e-Aqleat Pakistan.

    • You are a big liar and fraudulent, who escaped from Pakistan. you are a coward, who left his own Country without any reason. Now you are seeking Asylum in Canada with your false and double face which will soon be discovered.. Everybody know who you are.. You must feel shame using the name of our great leader Shahbaz Bhatti. You are exploiting him for your own personal gain.
      Please try to look after your children and wife to whom you left helpless for your little adventure. You must be deported as soon as possible to Pakistan where you can protect your christian community.

  2. If it is true, then its sad… He should not leave this organization..It was better to stay united to fulfill the dreams of shaheed shahbaz bhatti.

  3. Unity among Christianity is need of the Day. Solidarity with persecuted/depressed minority is the worship of the Lord. Trurh is essential part of the Faith in Christ. Human Diginity Defence is Duty of the Humen. Equal treatment for all citizen of Pakistan without any religious,gender,color, creed and generation is very compulsory for Safety,integerity and Prosperity of my beloved country Pakistan. May almighty God give us more wisdom to bstand with truth for HIS glorious work. Human Dignity Defender/Faith Defender in Christ KHALID GILL http://www.pakistanchristianpost.com/interview
    I am struggling for equal rights of my Pakistani Nation. Khalid Gill Quaid-eAqleat Pakistan.

  4. It was better to stay united to fulfill the dreams of shaheed shahbaz bhatti.

  5. Unity is better to continue the mission of Shahbaz Bhatti but Dr. Paul have no mind to understand the meaning of unity. He is not sincere with APMA and Christians.

  6. a leader must have avast vision and political mith to fulfil the needs of his entire community,tahir naveed has gained a lot'

  7. fake leaders no one care about Christians Khalid Gill i m agree with you
    all leaders collecting money

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