Musharraf wants to hold public office again


Former president General (R) Pervez Musharraf on Saturday challenged a lifetime ban from politics slapped on him by a Peshawar court.

Musharraf also submitted an appeal in the apex court for release in the judges’ detention case.

The former president filed these two appeals in the Supreme Court through his lawyer Ilyas Siddiqui.

The Peshawar High Court (PHC) in April had placed a lifetime ban on the former military ruler for contesting elections.

During the hearing, the court noted that Pervez Musharraf could not be allowed to contest elections as he had abrogated the Constitution twice.

In the appeal, Musharraf’s lawyer said that there was no clause in the Constitution regarding life ban and the PHC exceeded its powers to ban him for life to hold any public office.



  1. The Great Musharraf Pakistan Economy Was Greatest Ever, And Prosperred Alot. Foreign Businessmen Were Free To Do Business There.

  2. If he ever does, I hope he eliminates all potential enemies from the get go. I can't wait for the CJ to retire so treason charges can be brought against him also. Right now he is hiding behind contempt of court.

      • he has collected lots of money via his son . he will fly to US the moment he retires .. you guys will see ..

        • How come he came back to his beloved Pakistan? Why didn't he go elsewhere? Use ur brains!

  3. He was a true hero . The economy prospered in his time and he was the biggest action taker against terrorism. What an irony that the one who fought against terrorism is being tried for terrorism!!!!! Wake up Pakistan , Wake up.!!!

  4. Traitor sold the soul to America
    criminal mistake of NRO
    now face the consequences
    missed many chances of honorable death

    • A generous attempt to get an 'honorable' civil government into power via the NRO backfired, due to treachery. We are ingrates!

  5. If a totally corrupt, lying man can come back by a twist of fate, to hold office after conspiring to crash or land plane carrying 100 Pakistani children and his COAS in Indian territory, why rule out the possibility of this honest, corruption-free (retd) successful General coming into power? At least we can expect a better economy; these N's taxes and price hikes by a a shadowy Pime Minister who flashes his riches and does nothing for his people is absolutely intolerable!

    8ret)being favoured by

  6. The way Zardari & Nawaz Sharif fail to facilitate a common man's life, makes it evident for Musharraf to be back again to rule Pakistan as a retired general.

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