KP to be country’s power house in 5 years: Imran


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday said Khyber Pakhktunkhawa (KP) government would generate sufficient electricity in the next five years to meet energy demand across the country.
He assured that the PTI would establish an exemplary government in KP which will be a model of good governance for other provinces.
He said the PTI government would eliminate class-based education system in KP and introduce a uniform education system.
“Through a uniform education system we can build a strong and united nation to face all internal and external challenges Pakistan has been facing,” he said.
Khan said PTI’s provincial government would establish an independent accountability institution to ensure transparency and accountability in KP.
Talking to a private television channel, he said there was an urgent need to devise a national policy to counter terrorism in the country.
The PTI chief said for the sake of Pakistan, his party would fully cooperate with the present government on issues of national interest.
He said implementation of rule of law was the only solution to all problems.
Khan said no one was above the law and every one was accountable according to the constitution of the country.
Khan also endorsed a recent statement made by Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain.
He said he supported Altaf Hussain’s statement in which he said “the Titanic of Muslim Ummah was sinking”. “Altaf is correct in saying that if we do not fix ourselves, we are heading towards destruction,” said the PTI chief.
Commenting on Tahirul Qadri, Khan said Qadri’s concerns regarding the Election Commission of Pakistan turned out to be correct, adding that the 2013 elections were the most rigged elections in the country’s history.


  1. IK said that the 2013 elections were the most rigged elections in the country’s history. – Khan Sahib, was it rigged in KP also ? Are your party members are with clean hands ? Without rigging no one, including Nawaz or Imran, can win the election in State of Pakistan.So don't talk about rigging and please avoid yourself from tall claims such as we will do this and that.People wants result and not statements.

    • He clearly said that JUIF had claimed that the elections in KPK were rigged. In his address to the national assembly he advised to counter the rigging charges starting from KPK. This shows his desire for 'free and fair' elections. As far as talk about rigging is concerned, it should be done because it deprived our 18 crore population of a clean and fair democratic system. Thus, it is our right to talk about it and our duty to take appropriate action against it. Tall claims show the vision and willingness of a leader to deliver and achieve unprecedented goals. I would agree with you that people want* result and not statements.

  2. Chasing myths, aiming unreasonably high and ignoring ground facts could hurt you dear Khan Sb. Always speak the truth and don't give false hope to people.

  3. Hassan please don’t use abusive language against Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaf Chairman Imran Khan.
    And ALLAH has granted Imran Khan enough capacity to do So.
    If you can do something for pakistan then we will also support you.

    • @Asif, what was there anything ABUSIVE in my comment ? please clarify. Tall claims,rigging election, etc are common words and do not fall in the catagory of ABUSIVE, If you think they are, then no one can help you to make you understand meaning of word ABUSIVE.

  4. Yeah, KPK govt is working really hard! I want to laugh. All the top resthouses in Nathia Gali are booked by either the CM, Governor or IK himself. No harm in doing so, but pls dont harp about being different. And anybody is free to check if this is true.

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