SC seek entire record in Masood Janjua missing case


The Supreme Court has sought entire record, including all applications of Defence of Human Rights Chairwoman Amna Masood Janjua, regarding her missing husband Masood Janjua.
On Tuesday a two-member bench led by Justice Khilji Arif Hussain commenced the hearing of the case of Masood Janjua. The bench declared that the decision of the case would be made in two weeks. Amna and her son Muhammad Bin Masood were also present.
Justice Khilji Arif Hussain said that some evidences were present in the case. Police should have been taken action.
Justice Ijaz Afzal said if some brigadier would submit the reply in black and white, then why it was not made the part of investigation. No one is above the law.
He said if the witnesses were not ready to record their statement then what could the court do.
Amna blamed that investigation was being turned in wrong direction. She disclosed in her application that many former and current officers of intelligence agencies know a lot about her spouse. In this connection the statement of Dr Imran Munir has not been recorded.
To which Deputy Attorney General Alizai said that they have written to the Foreign Affairs Ministry for recording the statement of Imran Munir.
Amna told the court that she filed an additional application in which name of Brigadier Mansoor was also included. The DAG said that there was no application in the record. On which she said she had already handed over all documentary evidence to the police two months back.
Justice Hussain said he would review all record in his chamber and postponed the hearing for two weeks.