Sharifs bent upon solving power crisis


The Sharif brothers, more than anyone else, are on the forefront of efforts from the new government to mitigate the energy crisis.
The manner in which they have engaged themselves and the government to overcome electricity load shedding in the country so early in the day implies they will stay engaged in this sector and will continue to call the shots more than anybody else in the government.
The government’s priorities and public expectations show that the energy sector is going to be the most happening one in days and months to come with the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government at the helm of affairs. It is an area which is important for the PML-N government for its political survival and credibility. Expectations are sky-rocketing and people presume the new leadership will get their act together, sooner than later.
Both, Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, it seems, are looking after the energy sector besides other leaders from the party and the private sector.
The PM is heading a high-profile committee on energy with Shahbaz Sharif an active member. The other day the government signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a China-based company, Norinco International. The ceremony was conspicuous owing to presence of the prime minister himself.
Sources revealed Shahbaz was instrumental in signing the MoU and introducing the firm and its officials to the PM. The PML-N is seeking expertise of the said company in overcoming the lingering energy crisis through relying on alternative sources of energy such as solar energy.
It has also been learnt that Shahbaz held a meeting with a representative of the Asian Development Bank, seeking assistance in the energy sector. On Saturday, the Sharif brothers were due to visit Nandipur Power House, which has not been functioning for some time, to see how and when it could be restarted.
With the PML-N government having just started its tenure, most local and foreign stakeholders would be vying to seek cooperation with the government in the energy sector. As such, agreements and MoUs are expected in the coming days, besides launch of several new projects.
The Sharifs’ engagement in the area will keep them abreast as to what is happening in the vital field. They cannot afford to lag behind given their pledges to the people.
Shahbaz Sharif during the election campaign had made several promises with the public on relief from oppressive load shedding in Punjab. Probably, he feels it is time to honour these commitments and hence is leading from the front.
The Punjab government too, will unveil fresh projects in the energy sector besides supplying funds for ongoing schemes in its upcoming budget. The provincial government expects to promote solar energy for electricity generation and irrigation purposes.


  1. it will take about 5 years to make marginal improvements in load shedding. The equipment needs massive repairs or replacements. Nawaz sherief is talking, as if the load shedding errupted just now. The fact is it is the result of prolonged neglect for a number of years going back to his time, when he was the prime minister. Imran khan said it corrctly, i quote. folks who create problems, will not solve them. It is too bad that this man is back in power. No relief in sight, in fact there is either fuel to fire up the generators nor money to purchase it from outside.

    • normally 10 %, if they spend the money on the project. If they decide not to spend the money on the project, then they distribute the money amongst them . It is that simple.

  2. They are master of short term projects for their cheap popularity and on the long run most of their projects cost the nation more than its feasibility.So it is time to launch small term projects in parallel with long time plans irrespective of political interests.

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