Punjab will present welfare-oriented budget: Shahbaz


Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Saturday said that despite difficult situation, public welfare-oriented budget will be presented in the province.
He was presiding over a meeting to consider proposals regarding the provincial budget for financial year 2013-14 in Model Town.
He said that a comprehensive strategy would be evolved for curtailing non-developmental expenditures. He said that special attention would be paid to education, health, energy and infrastructure sectors in the forthcoming budget.
The CM said that effective steps would be taken for the welfare of the downtrodden and poor people. He said that budget would reflect public aspirations and regional balance would be focused in the process of development. He said that like previous year, more funds would also be allocated this year for the development and prosperity of the people of southern Punjab.
Punjab Finance Minister Mujtaba Shujaur Rehman, Law Minister Rana Sanaullah, Education Minister Rana Mashhood Ahmad and Advisor to CM Azmul Haq were also present.
Addressing the meeting, Shahbaz said that new fiscal year budget would prove to be a new roadmap of development and prosperity in the province. He said that special measures would be taken in the budget for the development of social sectors whereas promotion of economic activities, provision of new job opportunities and poverty alleviation would be priorities of the government.
He said that such steps would be suggested in the budget as would ensure provision of conducive atmosphere and encouragement to the participation of private sector in all sectors. He said steps would be taken for increasing agriculture and industrial production. Shahbaz said that more funds would be allocated for the uplift of education, health, energy and social sectors.
He said that new financial year 2013-14 budget would be the best, balanced and people-friendly in which projects would be included for the development and prosperity of the people and improving their living standard. He said that with the implementation of the steps proposed in the new budget, new era of development and prosperity would usher in.
The CM said that more funds than previous year would be allocated for the development of less developed areas. The chief minister said that measures would also be taken with regard to simplicity, austerity and saving at government level in the budget. He said that concrete steps would be taken for the betterment of women and the neglected segments of the society.
He said the Punjab government had diverted resources for the development and prosperity of the poor. He said that new budget of Punjab would reflect the public aspirations in the real sense. The meeting considered various proposals regarding financial year budget 2013-14.


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  2. The so-called 'LUXURY TAX imposed in the name of 'Robin Hoodism' by the Punjab Government is in essence nothing short of 'Jugga Tax' or Bhatta! The trillionaire, Mr. Shahbaz Sharif probably didn't realize that most or some of the residences were old family homes which the owners were maintaining at considerable cost and effort. A hugh levy of this magnitude is contrary to all tax cannons and hence can only be termed as 'Bhatta'.
    This bhatta is a cruelty of the worst kind inflicted on the 'Safaid Posh' people of the Punjab.
    I request the honorable and kind Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of this open act of cruelty against human rights where people, on account of such a burden, may be forced to sell their property and hence be deprived of their family heritage and a secure roof above their heads. This Bhatta is simply beyond the bearing capability of a lot of such home owners. Above all, I pray to God for his kind and gracious help in making the arrogant Punjab government realize the sheer absurdity of the levy.
    A much more reasonable levy is prayed for, one, that in the least, fulfills the cannons of taxation.

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