Mengal lauds PML-N for appointing nationalist CM


Balochistan National Party-Mengal head Sardar Akhtar Mengal on Sunday welcomed the PML-N for nominating a Baloch nationalist for the chief minister’s slot.
Talking to reporters, he said the issue was not the nomination of the CM or governor, but the real issue was the particular mindset of Islamabad. The BNP-M leader also said that if the issue of missing persons and mutilated bodies was resolved, it would be a fortunate occasion for the people of Balochistan, adding that it, however, seemed difficult.
He said further his party had not announced the future course of action so far. He said it would be decided in the party’s general body meeting on Monday (today).
He praised the PML-N leadership, adding that until the government was made powerful in Balochistan, the Balochistan issue would not be resolved.
Mengal said that during the caretaker government as many as 279 Baloch youth were whisked away and another 100 fell prey to target killings. He said further 50 mutilated bodies had been dumped. He said that when the announcement of new CM was made in Murree, a military operation was underway in Ispilinji area of District Mastung. He said that the gunship helicopters had been pounding the area for the last two days.
Mengal said that the government that was founded with the blood of Baloch was unlikely to deliver any good for Baloch people. He said that those forces, which had always exploited Baloch resources, hampered the development process and had treated Balochistan as a colony, would never allow a positive change in Balochistan.