President hopes provinces will make laws to guard labour rights


President Asif Zardari on Tuesday hoped that the provinces, keeping in view their responsibilities after the 18th Amendment, will put in place appropriate legislative and administrative mechanism to ensure protection of workers’ rights.
In a message on Labour Day, the president said, “May 1 should serve to remind us of our commitment to the workers’ right to dignity, decent wages and protection from arbitrary termination.”
President Zardari while paying homage to the Chicago martyrs for their fight against oppression a century ago said, “We also renew our pledges made to the workers, peasants and wage-earners that we will not abandon them in their struggle for a rightful place in society.”
The president said a contended and satisfied labour force was central to the production cycle and national development and was the driving force behind any industrial and agricultural progress.
“All claims of development will remain meaningless until the vulnerable working class is emancipated, empowered and rehabilitated,” the president said.
President Zardari said emancipation and welfare of labourers has been central to the struggle of leaders like Benazir Bhutto and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. He pointed that during the past few years a number of practical steps have been taken for improving the condition of the workers.
These included reinstatement of sacked employees, regularisation of contract and daily wage earners, empowering the workers to seek legal remedies against any unlawful dismissals, restoration of trade union activities, promulgation of Industrial Relations Act 2012 and making workers and employees share-holders in the state-run entities.
However, the president pointed that the struggle for workers’ rights was far from over.
“We still have to go a long way in addressing issues relating to exploitation of the workers, child and forced labour and no representation in legislative assemblies etc.”
He said following the 18th Constitutional Amendment the subject of labour has been devolved to the provinces.
“I am confident that the provinces are aware of their responsibilities for putting in place appropriate legislative and administrative mechanisms to ensure protection of workers’ rights.”
The president while greeting the labourers and workers also called upon them to continue working hard for the progress, prosperity and socio-economic development of Pakistan.


  1. provinces need to make laws that a person with assets worth more than 2 billion dollars can not and should not hold a public office

  2. The President should be hoping to keep his a.. out of jail once this is all said and done lol.His day is coming inshALLAH

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