IHC judge committed ‘judicial terrorism’ against Musharraf: APML


The All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) on Saturday accused Islamabad High Court Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui of committing “judicial terrorism” against former president Pervez Musharraf.
Justice Siddiqui had rejected Musharraf’s application for a pre-arrest bail and ordered his arrest. However, the former commando left the court undeterred along with his security personnel.
Demanding his removal, APML spokeswoman Aasia Ishaque claimed that Justice Siddiqui was a political figure having long been affiliated with the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI).
“Pervez Musharraf was subject to ‘judicial terrorism’ in the Islamabad High Court,” the APML spokeswoman alleged in her first tirade against the judiciary.
She recalled that Justice Siddiqui had contested the 2002 election on a JI ticket under the umbrella of now-defunct Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA).
“No one linked to a political party is allowed to issue judicial decrees as a judge,” Aasia maintained.
She also claimed that Justice Siddiqui also had also served then prayer leader of Lal Masjid Abdul Aziz in the Lal Masjid case. “He had got Abdul Aziz bailed out in that case declaring his Bahria Town residence as a sub-jail,” she claimed.
It was an open secret, the APML spokeswoman claimed that Abdul Aziz had links with the terrorists. “How come the advocate of terrorists was allowed to sit in an Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC),” Aasia alleged.
Justice Siddiqui, she said, can never be allowed to hear the cases against her party chief. She demanded the removal of Justice Siddiqui.
“We demand his removal as an ATC judge and that his decisions be declared as null and void,” she said.
The APML official said her party would always protest Justice Siddiqui’s status as a judge.
On April 18, Justice Siddiqui was hearing a case against former president Pervez Musharraf for confining members of the superior judiciary during 2007 emergency in the country.


  1. Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf is the best leader needed in Pakistan, he is best decision maker to build the country. He has only aim to see Pakistan as a good, peaceful & have best relations with all the countries all over the world even with other political parties in Pakistan. Eventhough i am not interested in politics, i am 63 years old, born in Bahawal Pur, now residing in Karachi, i read most of the news papers, watch most tv's talk shows, but looking Mr. Musharraf as good army & political leader as compared with any one at this time. Wish him all the success.

  2. It seems the terrorists have taken over the govt. The Lal Masjid Commission Report is a clear evidence.in this regard. It meets all the demands of terrorists including giving over the possession of the land of illegal occupants of Jamia Hafsa.

  3. Syed Perviz Mushraf the best
    pervaz mushraf is the best pakistani leader who did alot of services for pakistan. pervaiz mushraf is only the person who developed the pakistan and introduced pakistan in internationaly and got alot of found to make best pakistan,

  4. There is no one to take care of Pakistan except Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf (Rtd. General & President) He always worked for Pakistan as a soldier in army and as president of
    the country,

    We wish him succes and rule again to build Pakistan in more better way.

    Khan Aslam Khan

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