Musharraf not to go behind bars yet: SC


The Supreme Court on Tuesday adjourned hearing over the treason case against former military ruler Pervez Musharraf and reject the plea to arrest the retired general.

A two-judge bench of the apex court, comprising Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja and Justice Khilji Arif Hussain heard the case against Musharraf seeking his trial under Article 6 of the Constitution for imposing the state of emergency in 2007.

The court rejected the request seeking the arrest of the former military ruler.

Musharraf did not personally appear in court and was represented by Advocate Ahmed Raza Kasuri.

Kasuri sought time from the court for Musharraf to submit his response and said that Musharraf would reply to every point raised against him adding that certain hidden names would be revealed in the response.

The bench granted six days’ time to submit his response, adjourning the hearing until April 15.

No one representing the federal government was present during the hearing.

Talking to newsmen prior to the hearing, Attorney General of Pakistan (AG) Irfan Qadir said that he would perform his duties according to the constitution during the case.


  1. it is matter of prestige of Armed forces of Pakistan MP will not let go behind the bar.He him self came to face the cases why should fuss for running away.

  2. Musharraf must be given proper time to prepare his response. He must get full opportunity to defend himself and convicted only if proved. Judiciary must not act in a shameful manner like it did in Bhutto case. But the problem is that our judges have a notorious track record including the one heading them all who took oath under PCO twice.

  3. It matters not whether Mush is behind bars or not. What matters is what SC does with him finally.

    The future of Pakistan depends upon how we deal with Musharraf. A soft approach will ruin us.

  4. The future of Pakistan depeneds on how we deal with all crooks and corruption in general. The future of Pakistan depends on, every voice of righteousness and sanity standing together for a brighter, better Pakistan. If all evidence is provided to the courts and if courts take the correct action, then all doors are closed for Musharaf.

    "Behind every great fortune lies a great crime".

  5. Interesting thing to note is that in this case, the "free" judiciary knows 100% of the facts of the case as they were his supposed victims. That a case like this can still take years to reach it's conclusion (if it ever does) shows you how ABSURD and FULL OF FAULT our current legal system is!!! It also goes to show that law is only there to protect the rich and the powerful and it will go to any lengths to do that!!!!

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