Pakistani man arrested for military espionage in Germany


A Pakistani man working in a German technology research centre was arrested on Friday and detained on suspicion of military espionage, Germany’s state prosecutor said.

The 28-year-old employee was registered as a student at the centre where he worked in the northwestern city of Bremen.

Named only as Umar R, the man is suspected of “attempting to procure information about sophisticated military technologies” since October, a statement from the prosecutor said.

According to the news magazine Focus, which reported his arrest, Umar R allegedly obtained illegal studies into the piloting and navigation of drones until he was caught by a colleague.

The company where the man worked develops technology for Israeli surveillance aircraft used by German troops in Afghanistan, the magazine reported.



  1. 28 years may be a boy in pakistan, in the rest of the world he becomes man as soon as he is over 20.

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