India delays peace talks until new Pakistani govt formed


India is unwilling to carry forward the peace process with Pakistan until the formation of a new government in the next few months, meaning the Indo-Pak composite dialogue has been virtually brought to a standstill for now.
Indian authorities have indicated to Pakistani officials through diplomatic channels that talks on issues like Kashmir, peace and security, Siachen, Sir Creek and other bilateral matters would be resumed after a new government took over in Islamabad.
New Delhi believes that only a few days are left before the term of current Pakistani coalition government led by the PPP comes to an end on March 16 and it would be better to engage in peace talks with the next Pakistani government.
Hence, there are no chances of Indo-Pak talks on different conflicting matters in the next couple of months.
The Indo-Pak composite dialogue was slowed down by the military skirmishes on the Line of Control (LoC) in January and there was such a high level of tension between the two sides that Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was quoted as saying that there would be no usual business with Pakistan.
In a bid to defuse the mounting tension, Pakistan offered to hold foreign minister-level talks with its nuclear neighbour, but that offer was rejected by India.
New Delhi also cancelled a meeting on the Wullar Barrage between the water secretaries of the two countries that was scheduled for the last week of January. Besides, India also suspended the new visa liberalisation regime with Pakistan that was signed in September last year.
Diplomatic sources in Islamabad said due to the United States’ efforts to cool down the temperature in Islamabad and New Delhi, India had accepted to opt for de-escalation, but it was in no mood to hold talks on various issues before a new government was set up in Islamabad. “Its not that India has any problem with the current Pakistani government, it’s only that they (Indians) want to wait and engage in talks with future Pakistani rulers,” a source said, seeking anonymity.
Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf is going to Ajmer Sharif, India on Saturday to pay homage to the great Sufi saint Hazrat Khwaja Gharib Nawaz, but he (Ashraf) is unlikely to travel to New Delhi and hold any meeting with his Indian counterpart and other Indian leaders.
Another source said there was unlikelihood of any formal talks between India and Pakistan even during the caretaker set up in Islamabad and the Indian authorities would wait for the formation of a new Pakistani government.
“Hence, it would be months of lull before we see any activity on the Indo-Pak peace process front,” he said.
A Pakistani official said Islamabad wanted to resolve all bilateral issues with New Delhi through dialogue.
However, India also needed to show seriousness and exhibit reciprocity if it wanted the peaceful settlement of conflicting matters with Pakistan.


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