Want traffic news? Don’t visit the CTP website!


The website of City Traffic Police (CTP), Rawalpindi has not been updated for almost one year due to the slackness of the senior officials on the force.

The IT department of the CTP failed to update the chief traffic officer’s picture on the website as well as posting only outdated information.

With the launch of Rawalpindi Traffic Police, the then Superintendent Police (SP) Malik Matloob Ahmad Awan, in a bid to introduce innovation along with a new force, had developed the website which was to provide traffic related information to the public.

Currently, the website has been completely ignored and lacks any kind of updated information.


  1. It is a shame.
    Responsible SP is transferd. See now the result.
    Introducing a website about traffic police rawalpindi was a good step taken bij the former SP. They should have carry on with it.
    The IT department is now costing government money but nog doing their work properly or not at all.

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