Shahrukh Khan exposes Indian secularism


Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan has exposed so-called secular face of world largest democracy: India, expressing his agony he is facing for being born as a Muslim.
SRK wrote an article titled Being a Khan for Outlook Turning Points magazine.
Khan said in the article many politicians asked him to go back to his native homeland: Pakistan, after 9/11 incident.
“I sometimes become the inadvertent object of political leaders who choose to make me a symbol of all that they think is wrong and unpatriotic about Muslims in India”.
“There have been occasions when I have been accused of bearing allegiance to our neighbouring nation (Pakistan) rather than my own country – this even though I am an Indian, whose father fought for the freedom of India. Rallies have been held where leaders have exhorted me to leave and return what they refer to my ‘original’ homeland.”
“I gave my son and daughter names that could pass for generic (pan-India and pan-religious) ones – Aryan and Suhana,” Shahrukh Khan said.
“The Khan has been bequeathed by me so they can’t really escape it.
Khan said that he pronounced names of his children with his epiglottis when asked by Muslims and throw the Aryan as evidence of their race when non-Muslims enquired. “I imagine this will prevent my offspring from receiving unwarranted eviction orders or random fatwas in the future,” said Khan.
Khan said that he was pressed to make the film “My Name is Khan” to prove a point after being repeatedly detained in US airports because of his last name.
He said he was grilled at the airport for hours about his last name when he was going to promote the film in America for the first time.


  1. “Agony” he is facing for being born as a Muslim? Really? Indians gave him his status. love and respect and that’s what he says! Had it not been for India he would have died like a fool he really is.

  2. “Agony” he is facing for being born as a Muslim? Really? Indians gave him his status. love and respect and that’s what he says! Had it not been for India he would have died like a fool he really is.

  3. “Agony” he is facing for being born as a Muslim? Really? Indians gave him his status. love and respect and that’s what he says! Had it not been for India he would have died like a fool he really is.

    • questions is y indians gave him his status,, because he deserve for it what he had not given to idian industry all his talent!! is not indian film industry earning highest profits by his work still??????

  4. Yes indeed you are right but I don't think for this day the statement is appropriate. Inshaallah I hope one day all Pakistanis will be proud to say Pakistan zindabad. I am amongst those who live outside of Pakistan because it is a corrupt nation and because I was thank God not born there. We talk about India and others of treating the Muslims bad but what are we? Are we any better? When we wake up and become the Muslims that Pakistan was created for that day I will be proud installation!

  5. I can appreciate your love for your country but the reality is that India and Pakistan are no different when it comes to the people.In this region,Muslims and Hindus alike are the most judgemental and nosey.te poorest.I have always said that when the 2 countries meet to resolve the issues,neither can ever trust the other,they always have other ideas.On the other hand,regular people like you and I,we live side by side and respect what and who we believe in when it comes to our faith.We should see people as people and not religion,look deeper,you are not all that different.WE NEED TO LOSE THE ELEMENT OF HATE.

  6. india is the nation which given him a lot of love and made him king is the nation which stood with him and protested his checking US airport….bollywoods leading actors are mostly muslim…i think his comments are want to read the ful interview to know the truth

  7. And now most of these cow eaters have migerated to lands where pork eaters live.. Why it s so hypocratic ? Why do we have to even exchange these kind of harsh, rude remarks? Does that make any sense ? The fact is even most of the pakistani muslim people avoid beef, definitialy because of other reasons..The fact is, Hinduism is the 2nd largest minorityreligion in Pakistan. The fact is, that beside Islam there are many other religions in Pakistan too. So please think before u speak. Peace

  8. Why it s so hypocratic ? Why do we have to even exchange these kind of harsh, rude remarks with each other ? Does that make any sense ?.. Have you people living in India and Pakistan have ever thought of how the muslim pakistanis and Indian hindus , living in the Western countries get so well along with eachother over there. They don't have any issues, I know so many of them than why we, living in India, Pakistan have so many senseless, useless issues with eachother ..

  9. The fact is, Hinduism is the 2nd largest minorityreligion in Pakistan. The fact is, that beside Islam there are many other religions in Pakistan too..We were fine as one country and living in peace fighting against the British and ended up breaking our own Mighty country just beause we went blind and got brainwashed by the greedy, self centered, mean politicians, who just wanted to rule a piece of land and that is it. We were stronger together.

  10. Even back than people were living in peace and love regardless religion. Muslims are still 3 times more in number in India than in Pakistan. Pakistanis should not forget we r South Asians first and from the Indian heritage. And also remember that most of our great great grand parents were Hindus and Buddhists once. Why both of the countries don't realize that humanity is important and we should treat eachother like human beings. After Pakistan came into being Pakistani's have started denying the facts. I am very happy and lucky that my grand parents have told me alot of nice facts about peaceful life among Hindus and Muslims in mighty India . They were from Agra and lived in Allahabad. Right Education is v. important. I have my relatives both in India and Pakistan and that is why I am talking over here as a South Asian. Now that the damage to our sub continent is already done so instead of hating eachother we should think to create peace and love like rational humans. We should keep the religion aside and should love eachother on the basic grounds.

  11. I pray for both the countries as I feel that first I am a South Asian and my heritage is Indian. There r so many things that i want to say over here but I hope this message makes all of u realize sooner or later, God willing. Much Love and Peace on us.

  12. The problem with us,all South Asians is that we are very emotional,Racist and unable to sugar coat any feelings.We burn our property when angry with a foreign power.
    Wether in India/Pakistan/Bangla Desh,minorities suffer from open discrimination.I am very proud of all our Muslim Brothers. They are great artists,Chefs,Players. Akbar was one of the greatest administrators as was Ashoka.In both their reins India Produced 25% of world GDP.
    Those Politicians who insulted Shah Rukh Khan are obviously extremists and need to be disowned by all Indians.
    I hope we all can grow out of hate and fear of each other. Remeber majority is generally silent and wants peace and Harmony.

  13. "Agony" he is facing for being born as a Muslim? Really? Indians gave him his status. love and respect and that's what he says! Had it not been for India he would have died like a fool he really is.

  14. It is unfair on the part of SRK tl make these comments.Having achieved status,recognition and wealth because of India and Indians support he is hypocritical to make these remarks.He has still choices to give up his citizenship as many have done or accept that he is Indian whether he likes it or not.I am sure he will do neither and carry on playing the role of the victim like he does in the cinema>

  15. Narrow minded nonsense such as this will diminish once real peace takes hold on all issue. I wait for that day. The subcontinent has more than enough issues with their burgeoning masses.

  16. Me being a Pakistani can say that our heritage belongs with the indian subcontinent than with arabs with whom we have absolutely nothing in common except religion, and even there we differ because their version of wahabi Islam is way different from the one practiced in Pakistan which is way more liberal. And why is it that Pakistanis and Indians living in other countries get along like best friends but in South Asia we are at each others throats? I lived in the US for 18 years and about 50% of my best friends are proper hindu Indians. People of both countries need to meet and mingle and then they will learn that neither has horns on their heads – we have more in common than most two nations on the planet – live and let live. Peace.

  17. these are the overt act of the extremistson both side of the border, let us not forget this that we were born humans not muslim or hindu, we live in the world of interdependency, India must not think that they can isolate Pakistan in the region or world at large, we are a bordering countries, pakistan is suffering coz afghanistan is suffering our niebhour in case pakistan suffer more same will condition of india, india has long race to compete in this world rather then getting involve in these pity issues,

  18. Feel sorry for SRK, he is right in feeling that way. Tiny hate mongers can create such feeling. India and Pakistan both should curb such elements of hate! Many people are mislead by these hate mongers on both sides. Prime reason of hate is lack of interaction between people, they judge eachother on the basis of wrong information fed on both sides of the border.

    Anybody faith should be their personal matter. FULL STOP!

  19. sharukh you made the pakistanis feel happy today and we Indians who loved you who gave you fame name wealth are so hurt by your c extremist in all religions and always the top cream layer citizens like you would be targeted irrespective of your religion a matured person like you should handle this kind of insult in a much clever way not by beign a joke for your enemies .

  20. sharukh has lost his mind!hindustan gave him everything,,,,,,,,bt like all other muslim humen hindustaan me pyaar nhii milta!ye vhii khan h jisne 26/11 ke baad pak cricket players ko ipl khelne me support ki thii!AGR USE BHARAT ME ITNI TAKLEEF H TO PAKISTAN KYUN NHII CHALAA JAATAA!WE DONT NEE DPEOPLE LIKE SHAHRUKH I INDIA!JIS DESH KA KHATAA H USI KE SAATH GADDARII KRTA H!INHE DHAKKEE DEKR BAHAR PHENKNA CHAHIYE!ND STOP BEHAVING LIKE pseudo secularism!!!!!!!!!!!!GARV SE KAHO HUM HINDU H1JAI HIND! BHARAT MATA KI JAI HO!!!!!!!!!!!!!JAI HIND!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lol, u need to chill pill. i am sikh, and i am fan of muslim actors(shahrukh,salman,aamir) and my biggest idol is sir abdul kalaam, most of my friends are hindus and some muslims, where will u get such example of secularism? we love shahrukh, no matter what some loosers think about him, just wana say if shahrukh made some comment on ipl for pakistani inclusion, then we people hate them because he make a comment on pakistani who did attack on mumbai, that's what we hate, not because he was muslim, if priety zinta or shilpa shetty did the same thing, the reaction would be the same.
      he is what now, is because of india(whose 80% population of hindu is fan of him)
      we love him, and don't give a damn to loosers who are looking for points to question indian secularism.!!

  21. i think khan is absoultly right and this is reallity.the muslims and especially khans[pakhtoons] are exploited everywhere in throughout the whole world and i my self being a khan against it.

  22. When my friends went to Pakistan from India for a cricket match, everyone in India told them they would be shot or abused. When they were in Pakistan, not a single hotel owner or restaurant owner accepted their money, because they said they were guests in Pakistan, and they should return to India knowing what true Pakistanis are like.

    When a Pakistani girl was treated in a hospital at my home city of Chennai, we felt proud that were doing something good for our Pakistani brethren. She was accepted by all and the move was lauded by everyone.

    I am proud to be an Indian who has Muslim, Christian, Jain and of course other Hindu friends. We care neither for caste nor religion. Do not let this media circus fool you. We all want the same thing – to live in peace and allow our children to grow up healthy and happy.

  23. Shahrukh Khan's carrier is in down fall and probably coming to an end, now he gets only one film to do in a year, so that is why now he wants to get sympathy and love of people in this manner.

  24. Barbaric, communal, indo hating, indo-centric , and India obsessed people only can think such narrow minded things. He is Pathan, if I am not wrong. Has even a single Pathan has succeeded in Pak as Shahrukh has. Minorities in India have always been tolerated by mild Hindu people. At least Pakistan should not project our minorities when it is unable to let live Muslim Ahmediyas, Shiya, leave Hindus, and Christians apart!…

    • "Minorities in India have always been tolerated by mild Hindu people."

      Merely "tolerated"? And that too by the "mild hindus" alone? Now if you were trying to sell india's secular credentials, you have failed MISERABLY! In fact you have proven the critics right!!!! 🙂

      This comment should be titled "Sharman Ghosh exposes Indian secularism!!!!!"

  25. Sharukh khan India se buht piyar krta hai,yahi wajha hai k wo kuch bataoon se hurt hua hai.. aap log jo indian hain or us se piyar b krty hain us ka sath dain.main Pakistani hun or bata skti hun wo india se piyar krta indian ho kr nahi pehchan pa rahy.. mere kitny indian friends hain jo india ko jaan se ziyada chahty hain main un k sath 25 saal se reh rahi hun. Indian and Pakistani aik dusry se juda nahi hain.. meri family India se Uk main aai thee baad main Pata chala k ham ab Pakistani hain.. ham kiun lrty rehty hain har waqt? kia ham kabhi peacefully reh pain gy?

  26. the people those are against the participation they do not know the habits of hindu,s they are divided in to four cast they do not accept shooder as a human being how they accept muslim as a nation hindu is bad as a slave and worse as a ruler.

  27. yes i agree shahrukh!!! its too difficult to live in a country where u are surrounded by hindus. they are a majority there. its yr hard luck.we r not talking abt the black sheep that evry community has, but we r talking in general , ok commentators?

  28. Some peoples are Laayer having bum on fire SRK is >>>>>>> good Indian he is not a terroist he is pride of Country.

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