Swedish woman shot in Lahore passes away in Sweden


Bargeeta Almby, a 70-year-old Swedish Christian NGO worker shot and injured in a targeted attack in Lahore on Dec 3, passed away in Sweden on Thursday.
Almby was targeted by two armed men outside her house in Lahore’s upscale Model Town locality when she was returning from her office at the Full Gospel Assemblies (FGA) in the Kot Lakhpat area.
The elderly woman, who served Pakistani Christian community for 38 years, was shot in the chest and the bullet had damaged her left lung.
She was initially taken to Lahore’s Jinnah Hospital in a critical condition where doctors removed the bullet but said her condition was critical because of excessive bleeding.
Almby was moved to Sweden in an air ambulance provided by the Swedish government a couple of days ago as there was no improvement in her condition.
The police is yet to trace her attackers and so far there has been no breakthrough in the investigation.
Sources in the FGA told Pakistan Today they suspected involvement of Islamist extremists in the killing. However, police investigators say they are investigating the case from all angles.
Almby was director at the FGA Technical Training Institute and also taught at the FGA Bible School. She was also looking after the affairs of orphanges run by the US-founded Christian charity.


    • I wish she was not killed by terrorists…otherwise how disgusting and ungrateful nation we have become that we kill our own benefactors…..

  1. This is how this nation pays back to someone who spent all her life to educate their children and they are wondering why do they have very low standing in international community?

    • not v. you.

      if anyone foreigner comes to lahore and shoots 2 unarmed civilians thn thats all fine to us and international media. but if any civilian shoots an unarmed foreigner thn that proves that v are sick. its not v. its some selected people who are sponsored by foreign ppl.

      • Rayomnd davis should be killed on the spot by People of Pakistan which was right way to treat him on the spos but no way on old woman who was working on welfare project(might be as there are many like her who are working in same manner as under cover agents) should be treated like that.That murder was not based on some personal revenge but surely has some international conspiracy factor in it..
        Any how it is very bad happened on our streets like that.

        • An elderly woman's killing is in no way justified.
          But this "thinker" does have a point ….why all the western media including you low life liberals choose to be silent over things like Raymond Davis ? Oh yes , i got that ….if you speak against such incident then you become extremist and you are no more a liberal or open minded ….
          Mark my words ….if you can somehow replace your blood and heart with a western one. YOU ARE STILL AN EXTREMIST TO THEM …they will never accept you.

  2. these crimals kill innocent people in the name of Islam…Shame on these people and thier apologist like 'thinker'

  3. Its bad and sad at the same time. Fatally wounding an unarmed woman engaged in socio welfare activities for nearly four decades in our country is certainly cowardice on the part of the murderer(s) and definitely cannot be termed as, "Chiveralry". Our prayers are with the departed gentle soul.

    • This is exactly the kind of convoluted conspiracy logic that the taliban use to justify all their killings of non-muslims…did it ever occur to you that the Swedish government does not have any need to use senior citizens to spy on Pakistani orphans?…idiot!

    • .
      You should feel blessed if foreign countries put some undercover agents in Pakistan …
      Pakistan, by itself, can't provide the rise of a civil society …

  4. What a shame 70 year old woman being shot dead serving Pakistan down troded people. This is the biggest tragedy. Pakistan government should seek apology from Sweden Government and must compensate the old lady heirs. President asif Zardari shoud confer some civil award on her in recognition of her services and the sacrifice she gave for the people of Pakistan, this is minimum we can do for her

  5. Just when I think that Pakistanis could not sink any lower, they prove me wrong…extremism is the disease and Pakistan is completely infected with it…yes it is a very sick society…perhaps this is more shameful than shooting of young girl Malala…all intelligent people should leave this misguided country..

  6. A saint of a women serves Pakistan for 38 years! Her reward a fatal bullet? It is difficult to comprehend. What do i tell to my Scandanavian colleagues as Christmas approaches?

  7. sad sad! we live in sweden and how much these people respect us here, we came here to make life better while these all sick people kill innocent old woman, shame on you . this is shocking for our country and the people, why revenge from an old woman, all humans should be free to teach their religion and belief peacefully. if she was christian or jew no matter.

  8. The daily ethinic violence in Karachi, the sectarians killings in quetta and the butchering of people by the so called taliban have made us indifferent to the savagery that is committed by thugs in the name of islam! We should hang our heads shame!

  9. I will pray that; the mothers of the attackers and their supporters will die in the same way, they have done to the mother of orphanage school…

  10. Very sad and unfortunate. She was an elderly lady; a benefactor who deserved to be treated royally. Certainly a selfless person who gave her entire life to Pakistan. Govt should come forward to acknowledge her contribution posthumously. At the same time i believe that it can not be the work of a true Muslim. Condolences to the family, the poor Pakistanis whom she served her entire life and to the people of Sweden.

  11. These are the remnants of Bani ummaya hidden their faces in the Islami veil these forces are created only for the political benefits of USA by Zia and his remnants.
    They are neither Muslm nor Islami jihadi with the real thoughts of Islam.

  12. Bargeeta Almby! we are very sorry , You have thought our children and we give you but nothing in the response of your great service.
    our heads are down in shame.

  13. looking at all your replies, I think there is still hope for Pakistan. Your voices have to heard not only on the internet but on the streets…really loud and clear. Brave Lady. RIP

  14. Its indeed very sad these extrimests really dont have fear of God Jesus gave his life for us in the same way her life represented Jesus selfless effort she will be always remembered n these islamic hipocrits will be soon standing in hell

  15. Millions of time Lanat on those who killed her. The killers and their families should be burnt into fire without any sympathey. This is the only cure. Kill all those killers who are terrorists on the name of religion. They have no humanity. If they have no humanity then religion is useless.

  16. Feeling shame to be a Pakistani
    She served in Pakistan for 37 years and what we did with her.. I am about to cry ;(

  17. Beards & turbans are not the signs of Islam any more. I have been away from Pakistan since 1976, my last visit was in 1986. Previously Pakistan Link gave me the news(which were never good), then came the time of internet, now I may not be physically in Pakistan but virtually I am there every day. I used to fantasize about going back & serving Pakistan with all the education & experience I earned during these years. I have given up that hope. I can see a broader picture from this distance. Unfortunately my beloved/amputated country is infested with foreign agents disguised as Muslims. I can see the puppet masters. Can I name them????

  18. It's 70 years old white woman or brown child of Pakistan blame not only the Pakistani but also Western military might that ocupied Afghanistan amd Iraq as well as bombing mud houses of Morthern Pakistan and Afghanistan shall increase the extremism where every ine is going to suffer. We have already paid a big price of more than 50,000 and question who is safe and secure ???

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