Dr Afridi goes on hunger strike


Dr Shakil Afridi, imprisoned on charges of extending help to United States’ (US) Central Investigation Authority (CIA) in pointing out the residence of al Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden, went on a hunger strike at Peshawar Central Jail from Wednesday.
Afridi went on the hunger strike to protest over lack of proper facilities in jail.
Through highly placed sources, Pakistan Today learnt that Afridi had time and again approached the jail administration to provide him with blankets, newspapers and magazines and to allow him to walk inside the prison. Afridi is locked in cell No 17 inside Peshawar Jail where, sources say, he is being looked after by fellow prisoners.
Since imprisonment at the Peshawar jail in June last year, Afridi was enjoying certain facilities which were withdrawn when an interview of his was was published in a foreign newspaper, apparently given through a wireless telephone. Since then, several restrictions have been imposed on him.
Jamil Afridi, brother of Dr Shakil Afridi through his lawyers had filed an application before Peshawar commissioner on November 22nd, pleadeding for restoration of facilities along with a complete medical check-up for the captive by specialist doctors.
Jamil Afridi in his plea reminded that Dr Shakil was recently beaten and tortured by jail administration through policemen, following which he suffered severe chest infection. He requested for complete treatment of Dr. Shakil on these grounds.
Peshawar Commissioner Dr Tariq Jamil has already directed the administration for ensuring due medical facilities to Dr. Shakil.
Latif Afridi, the prisoner’s lawyer said, “Dr. Shakil didn’t consult me in the hunger strike decision.” However, other lawyers and relatives have confirmed that Dr Shakil went on a hunger strike inside jail.