TTP accepts responsibility of attack bid on Hamid Mir


Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan on Tuesday claimed responsibility for the attack on senior journalist Hamid Mir a day earlier and warned of more attacks on anyone pursuing the secular agenda.
TTP spokesman telephoned a private TV channel from an undisclosed location that Hamid Mir was following a secular agenda and was helping those who were working against the principles of Islam, adding that their organisation would continue to target all those who were becoming party to propagation against jihad.
TTP spokesman further said that those targeting the Taliban would be targeted with explosives.


  1. Thanks to heavens that TTP claimed the responsibility. otherwise Mr. Mir was going to put all the blame on ISI as usual. remember the beating,one of Jang group reporter got and Hamid Mir wasted no time to point fingers at Intelligence Agencies. He did the same thing after the killing of Saleem Shehzad. But in this case TTP gave no chance to Mr. Mir and now he might come up with another conspiracy theory that will,somehow relate this incident to ISI. Anyhow, my sympathies are with Hamid Mir and i condemned the cowardly acts of TTP.

  2. I just fail to understand why anyone from the killer brigade would want to kill Hamid Mir – he is pro-Taliban, pro-Islamic, pro-DCP and a PTI sympathizer – all-in-all a right-wing individual.

    "Killer-Brigade" = a pro-Taliban, pro-Islamic, pro-DCP, a PTI sympathizer and follower of Hamid Gul's jehad doctrine.

  3. Journalism in Pakistan has flourished over the last two decade. After the electronic media was liberalised in 2002, Pakistani media became more powerful and independent. Despite being regarded as the most dangerous territory to practice journalism, Pakistani journalists have gone long way in giving voices to the voiceless. Hamid Mir being one of them received this life attempt which is very usual in Pakistan. We highly condemn this act and demand the protection of journalists in Pakistan.

  4. Hamid Mir is a sold-out geo-group-ptcl-qmobile are companies have major-sharholders from india and usa,wake up pakistan a war is brewing and soon it will come at your footsteps,not long ago our parents were enslaved,hindu's supporting the british against us and we lost two great muslim empires almost at same time,this time was around 63years ago ask your grandparents to tell about the refugee stories
    Pakistan stands on the firm beliefs of my grandparents and yours too and we have failed their faith in the democratic Islamic Republic of Pakistan
    Your's only,

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