‘Gutka’ sale thrives in city despite ban


Despite ban and campaigns against the health-fatal Gutka, the injurious substance is being sold at thousands of ‘paan shops’ in the city uninterruptedly. A private TV channel reported that 30 percent of men, women and children in Karachi are habitual and addicted to the use of the substance. It said that 18 town and cantonment areas of the city are selling Gutka at liberty and without fear of any intervention from any authority.
Expressing their views, people said government should take steps to completely ban use of the substance and this will discourage use of it. One citizen said with remorse that eating the substance seriously affects mouth, gums, teeth and the environment in which people breathe, but those taking it do not refrain from the habit.
The news report stresses the need to take emergent steps to practically disallow and discourage use of Gutka and safe people from indulging in the habit.
Gutka is a preparation of crushed areca nut (also called betel nut), tobacco, catechu, lime and sweet or savory flavorings.


  1. gutka sales will continue unless the corrupt high police officers working on top posts, they do not use gutka, but they love to put handsome amount from gutka traders as a bribe, actually the law inforcement is equally partner into this evil game, they need punishment from holy god ! or who in this country can touch them?

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